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The New You Challenge









Don't fear failure, fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today. 

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Success principle #1 is to take 100% responsibility for your life and happiness.

YES, that even means when things are happening around that you don't control. You see, the only way to ensure your life will improve year after year is to continue working on improving yourself. 




The New You 12-day personal growth challenge will help you tap into your personal power with new thoughts, decisions, and actions. 


Life will always bring challenges and change… but that doesn’t mean you are powerless.

This challenge will guide you to become the best “new” you that you can be, and when you better yourself, your whole life will be better. 

Make the decision to begin your year differently.

Remember, if you change nothing... nothing will change. 

What can you expect?


Beginning January 10th, all members will receive access to the personal growth challenge content. Each day for 12 days you will receive an email delivered to your inbox with access to a daily training video. 

The videos are designed to be short but powerful making them manageable for you to fit into your busy life. Each has a specific topic with a compelling message that will inspire you to evolve into the New You...  


Included in the challenge-



Each coaching video will be delivered directly to your inbox early each morning. These daily messages are short and focused offering you guidance that is possible even for the busiest person. 


The journal is designed to support the daily videos to apply the coaching to your life. This is your step-by-step guide for the entire challenge helping you gain clarity, grow in understanding, and experience breakthroughs! 


You will be invited to join the Facebook community where you will be surrounded by people who are striving to be their best too! Through the shares of others, you will stay inspired and accountable to keep going!  


Not sure where to begin to take the LEAD on your life ina new and improved way? Throughout the challenge, Coach Corliss will guide you with a daily focus and action steps to ensure you feel empowered to move forward. 


In case "life happens" and you fall behind, or you want to rewatch the video training, you will have a bonus of 10 days of access to all the training videos! 


Challenge Outline: 


The first 4 days you will focus on creating new thoughts that support & encourage you.

The next 4 days you will learn to create a positive and immediate shift in your life by making new decisions. 

The final 4 days you will be inspired to take action and empowered to lead your life


You will not go this alone!

Remember, even though this is a self-directed challenge that you do at your convenience,




 - A sample of your video lessons - 


LEAD Your Life With New Thoughts

For the first 4 days we will start where it all begins- in your mind.

Throughout these 4 days you will gain an understanding of your internal dialogue and, if needed, learn to change the conversation you are having with yourself. You will experience a shift in perspective and learn a new way of looking at your life. You will become aware of your dominant thoughts and learn how to change your own life instantly by harnessing the power of thought. By the end of these 4 days you will already feel lighter, have more energy, and become excited about the idea you really can lead your life!  


LEAD Your Life Through New Decisions 

For the next 4 days we will focus where positive change starts- with your decisions.

Within these 4 days you will learn how you have the power to cause your own outcome by making new choices, interrupting self-destructive patterns, and focusing your energy. Throughout these 4 days, you will make decisions about who you are and who you want to be, while identifying the steps you need to take to get there. You will grow in gratitude and become present to how beautiful your life is. With a little “tough love” and some accountability you will finish this eighth day feeling refreshed, inspired, and empowered!


LEAD Your Life By Taking New Action  

For the last 4 days we will center you on what you can control- what you do.

Throughout these days you will become clear on why you are here and be inspired to take action towards leading a life of purpose. You will learn how to overcome fear and give up what holds you back from the life you desire. You will become grounded in the present and define what you want and why. As you align your energy and focus forward, you will have a renewed sense of enthusiasm, a clear vision… and end the challenge ready to take on the world!  

Take the LEAD on your new life. 

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