These soul-stirring challenges will help you make positive changes in your life.

Seeing people live a life that’s full and exciting and purposeful lights me up. It’s why I started my business and why I get up in the morning. It’s also why I took a ton of courses, became a certified Success Principles Coach and a Dare to Lead Trainer. I have developed a blueprint for success for women just like you. 
I know you are ready to make some changes in your life, some big and some small. You are at a crossroad and aren’t sure what the future looks like -- you just know it can’t look like it does right now. But, you might be wondering how to make those changes happen without dropping everything and searching for the meaning of life in a far-off country with no Timmies close by...
Well, I’ve got you! These personal growth challenges are designed to not only help you figure out what’s really important to you but to thoughtfully and actively implement the changes necessary to live the life you’ve been dreaming about. 
None of them take more than 3 weeks (one is only a week!), and all can be done while you live your regular life, as close to your coffee shop as you want!
Each challenge is rooted in action-oriented principles. We are doing more than dreaming about what you want your life to look like: we are taking real action to implement real changes in your life so you can feel empowered to lead a life worth living. 
You are the only one who can make these changes, so let’s get started! 

Ready to get excited about your life again? 

You are here, ready to take an active role in your own outcome! I commend you for that. BIG, LOUD APPLAUSE!
Sometimes it only takes a small shift to make a huge impact. So put on your comfy clothes, snuggle up to your computer, and let’s start making something happen! Throughout the challenge, you will be gently guided through a process of self-discovery.

You have the answers you are searching for, the challenge will help you discover them.  

The New You

The New You Challenge

Has the new “normal” got you down? Have you fallen into a rut or lost your excitement? Perhaps you “rushed” back to the life you used to have and aren’t feeling as complete as you thought you would? The truth is, you have been through a lot in the last year and now you need some help finding your way forward. Your answer is here within this challenge. The New You 12-day personal growth challenge will help you get yourself back on track with new thoughts, decisions, and actions. Make the decision to begin this year differently.

Challenge begins January 10, 2023.


Reset Challenge

Wondering how much can change in only 7 days? The answer is...a lot! Join me inside this do-anytime challenge where we will reset your thinking to help you find more joy, excitement, and abundance in your life. Taking only a few minutes each day, this challenge is designed to help you change your mindset through daily thoughts and actions. 
The result: clarity about the future, less negativity, and a readiness to start making things happen! 

Join this challenge anytime.


Will there be value if you repeat the challenge?


The short answer is YES!
Personal growth and development is a never ending process because as you experience life, you will evolve and change. Your life situations will shift, relationships will change, and you will get knocked down from time to time. You will get value EACH time you do the challenge as you will hear the information based on where you are at. Some have shared that the second and third time added even more value than the first as they were in a different place watching the daily videos, and their reflections went a little deeper each time.
Each challenge (except for the RESET 7-day) will only be offered once annually. Don’t miss your opportunity to join now.
Power of You

Power of You

You need to make some positive changes in your life, to find who you are again. It’s time to stop worrying about others, what they think of you and how they perceive you, and start living the powerful life you’ve imagined. You will be led by the hand through the exercises to ensure you complete them to get the maximum value out of them. 
Side effects may include unrestrained excitement about your future combined with a willingness to finally make it happen.

Challenge begins March 1, 2023.

Power of You

Abundant You

In this 9-day personal growth challenge, you will learn how to create your abundant life. With a shift in your thinking, embracing new decisions, and going about things differently, you can have the life of abundance you want- and deserve.


Challenge begins May 1, 2023.

The Best You

The Best You Challenge

What if I told you that
you are in control of your happiness, thoughts, self-worth, and self-love? And that even if you can’t see that now, that you can change it all in 3 short weeks? You will be guided through all the phases of the challenges and opportunities available to you. 
You can expect to feel amazing when you are done (and throughout the challenge). You will have more certainty about what’s in store for you and a desire to make it happen.

Challenge begins October 1, 2023.