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From time to time everyone needs a little help to be their best.    

- Through heartwarming stories and practical teachings & tips, Corliss will empower your community to be their best, and bring their best- to their homes, careers, and community -  

Bring a message of inspiration to your community today. 


Too often people become trapped when…  

  • Outside circumstances take control of their lives.    
  • They get stuck in negative patterns & develop bad habits.  
  • They lose sight of who they are and what their purpose is.  
  • They “fall” into a survival way of life and they don’t know where to begin to change it.  
  • They forget that they are worthy, deserving, and capable of living their best life.  


That can all end now.  

Within this event, Corliss will help your community recognize that all positive change begins within, and that they have more power than they realize. Through a shift in perspective, changing behaviors, and making new choices- you can change your life, and your family’s life- for the better! 

There will always be things that happen you don't control, but when you focus on being your best- you will positively impact your own life and the lives of everyone around you. Be The Best You events are meant to help people find their way forward from challenges, where Corliss provides the inspiration, tips, and tools to lead their lives again!  

When you better yourself- your whole world will be better. 

A common story…  


SHE/ HE/ THEY go to work every day not sure that what they are doing really matters, but they need to do it because someone needs to pay the bills. Besides, what else could they do anyway? They aren't bringing their best to work because they are uninspired and disconnected from why they are doing what they are doing. Perhaps making a change is the answer... but that can be scary and hard so it's easier to just accept what is.

Things are okay at home (most of the time), but with all the stresses of everyday life for both parents and kids, sometimes the negative energy creates an environment no one really wants to be around. Everyone chooses to isolate in their rooms, keep themselves busy, or numb themselves in any way they can to cope with all the stress. What’s worse? No one really knows what to do to change it, so instead, they just settle into what it is, and get up and do it again tomorrow.  


LIFE hasn’t gone as planned. 

This job used to be so exciting for me- now I just collect a paycheck and feel unfulfilled doing so. I am letting everyone down, including myself.

I thought my marriage was okay- but now I am getting divorced.  

I thought my job was secure- but now cutbacks have me feeling insecure, desperate, and scared because I am unemployed.  

I dedicated my life to my kids- and now they don’t need me much and I have no idea what to do next.  

I thought I’d live forever- but this health scare has me considering my mortality- have I done everything I could with my life?  

I can’t believe I lost that person I loved so soon- I can’t figure out how to move forward, even though I know I need to.  

No one gets through life without setbacks and challenges that knock you off your feet. It can be overwhelming. These times force you to put your head down to survive the crisis, but unfortunately, it can become a way of life if you aren’t careful.  


There is a better way…   

People go through a lot and although everyone has a different story and circumstances, underneath, we are all the same. We want to live a full, abundant, and happy life but sometimes we don’t know how to make that happen.  There is often a lot more going on “behind the scenes” than others realize, and these difficulties can take a toll on overall emotional, mental, and physical health.  

This is WHY your community needs The Best You Event 


Who is Corliss?  

Corliss Rassyle may have many titles like Motivational Speaker, Certified Success Principles Coach, Dare to Lead Trainer, Best-selling Author, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur, and Mom of three (and a fur baby), but outside of her many accomplishments, titles, and roles, she is regular person focused on living and leading her best life- helping as many people as she can to do the same!  

Corliss was raised in rural Saskatchewan and although she now resides in the city, she is a farm girl at heart. The strong values that guide her present-day were instilled in her growing up on the farm, and through humor, humility, and heart, she will inspire your community to be their best and bring their best to others. 

With stories that connect to the heart, and in her real and relatable way, Corliss will deliver a “standing O” worthy presentation that will inspire lasting, positive change within your community! Don’t delay in adding your town to the Saskatchewan tour today.  



Corliss will teach you in a real & relatable way how to change your own life!   

In this presentation, Corliss will-  

  • Help attendees make decisions about who they want to be and what they want to do, then inspire them to act on it.  
  • Learn a powerful tool that will help them create a positive outcome- whether at home, school, or work. 
  • Teach them practical strategies they can apply to their daily life to improve their mental, emotional, and physical health.   
  • Understand exactly how to get out of the rut they find themselves in and interrupt their self-destructive patterns.  
  • Show them how to break through what’s holding them back from a fulfilling life and help them realize they deserve it.   
  • Connect them to the heart of what matters most and show them how to positively LEAD themselves and others.  


Help your community by helping the people within it.



Corliss is qualified to serve you...

Included in your booking: 

  • A complete step-by-step guide on how to host your event including suggestions for local sponsorship and committee support. 
  • Event images and downloadables for printing and social media promotion. 
  • A personalized short video message made especially for your community to invite them to join the event. 
  • A 60-minute on-stage presentation with an additional meet and greet afterward. 
  • Social media advertising of your event on all Corliss Co. platforms to increase awareness of your community event and the organization (or individual) responsible for making a local impact. 




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