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LEAD Your Best Life!

Helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. 

Have you heard the news? 

LEAD Conference Canada 2023 registration is OPEN! 

LEAD Conference Canada is launching in 2023 with the first-ever event being offered in Saskatchewan. 
This is a 2 day, high-energy, high-caliber event with the perfect blend of world-class professional speakers and real-life inspirational stories teaching you practical skills to help you better your life.
This first-of-its-kind experience is brought to you by Corliss Co. Consulting and focuses on personal growth and development empowering you to rediscover yourself as a motivated, inspired, & passionate individual. 

The best investment you will ever make is in yourself. 

 Hi, I'm Corliss! 

Coach. Speaker. Author. Podcaster. CEO. Your Motivational BFF.

I am also a coffee drinking, nature-loving, celebrate yourself, self-care enthusiast, take-control-of your-own-life believer, and independent Mom of three.

I teach women how to tap into their personal power to LEAD their best life!


Are you ready? 

I LOVE helping women grow. I think life is this magical opportunity to discover who we were made to be and every day I set out to achieve that goal myself, and help others do the same.


Like stories? I have a pretty great one!



Are you ready to discover who you are again? (or maybe for the first time)  

Do you feel like you’re missing something?

Are you feeling lost and don’t know where to begin?


Each woman we serve here at Corliss Co. comes to us with a different set of life circumstances and a personal story that is unique to them. Although their stories are different, underneath each is striving for the same outcome- to LEAD their best lives! We take a holistic approach to your personal development knowing that when you work on yourself, it will improve your mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual well-being. It all begins with you.

By investing in yourself, you will show up positively in your home, career, and community.

We can't change your life for you, but we can help you change it for yourself. 


How can we help you LEAD Your Life?


Coaching Services

Do you need a push to get into action mode? Ready to make changes but don't know where to begin? As your coach and mentor, Corliss has all the tools to help you determine what you want and why you want it. She will help you release what holds you back and guide you to lead your best life!


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Keynote Speaking

Looking for a motivational speaker for your next event? Corliss brings immense energy, passion, and vulnerability, giving easy-to-understand messages along with actionable insights and uplifting content. 
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Discover Your Answers

Ready to discover who you are again? (or for the first time)
The personal growth challenges will guide you through a process of self-discovery to create your own outcome. Everything is in your own hands, and the success you will enjoy will come because of your own work.  


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Are you motivated to live your best life?

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#1 Best-Seller 

Lead Your Life; How to Live With Purpose, Passion and Confidence


Life doesn't really come with an instruction manual to live your best life, but it can come with a book that will empower you with a simplistic approach and practical tools to take control of your own life and start living as the purpose-driven person you were meant to be. 

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Why we do what we do- meet the women who inspire us. 

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Other things that light my life... I hope they light yours too! 

I have loved PartyLite for as long as I can remember. It's a part of my story and a part of who I am, (to read more go to the ABOUT section) If you'd like to check out what's new or to place an order, click the link below.  

 Light your life with PartyLite 

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