Effective Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur's complete guide to start, grow and sustain their business for ultimate success!

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow a long standing, successful and profitable business? Perhaps you are not advancing as fast as you want to and are looking to level up? Within this program are 5 “secret” principles to growing a successful business from someone who knows, understands, and recognizes what it takes to manage it all.

$197.00 CAD


Powerless to Empowered

How to take back your life in any situation

Life is going to happen. Things will change, there will be challenges, and over time you will be faced with some really hard things. The key to leading your life through times of difficulty and uncertainty lies within you. 

Powerless to Empowered is a personal development program you can work through at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. You will be guided with inspiring video training and printable worksheets to apply the coaching to your life. Through your thoughts, decisions, and actions you take the lead on your own life. Become empowered today! 

$297.00 CAD