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You are here for a reason... 

  • Maybe you have gone through (or are you going through) something difficult and are trying to find your way forward.

You might be asking yourself- now what?

  • Perhaps you are feeling blah or in a rut and are tired of being tired.

You might be wondering- is this all there is to my life?

  • Maybe you feel like you are living a life you didn't sign up for.

You might be thinking- this isn't how I envisioned things to go.

  • There is a chance you are here because you feel like you are made for more-

You may be thinking- what does my next phase of life look like?

  • Maybe you just want to level up, ignite your life and live to your potential. 

You might be asking- what are my next steps to change things up?

Life is a constant process of rediscovering who you really are and coaching is a powerful tool to help you find the answers within you. No one goes through life without experiencing challenges or setbacks and sometimes you may lose your way just trying to "get through" whatever life has thrown at you. This is why coaching is so effective. Having an outside perspective from a coach who is not "in the trenches" with you can be very helpful to assist you in finding clarity, direction, and confidence to move forward. 


Wherever are at... we will meet you there. You are invited to come as you are- but come with an open heart and mind to find your way back to who you were born to be. 


Why Corliss? 

Master Class Coaching

 Corliss Rassyle has many titles and accomplishments to be proud of.

She is an International Speaker, a certified Success Principles Coach, a Dare to Lead trainer and the Founder of Corliss Co. Consulting Inc. She is the best-selling author of the book Lead Your Life; How to Live With Purpose, Passion and Confidence and the host of one of Canada’s popular self-improvement podcasts, Conversations With Corliss. She is also a coffee-drinking, nature-loving, serial entrepreneur, and Mom of 3. She is your motivational BFF helping you connect to a purpose that drives you to live to your potential. Corliss has a passion for growth and is the woman to call when you are ready to step up to LEAD your best life!

Corliss is just like you. She has successes to be proud of achieving, but she has also experienced significant challenges and setbacks- both personally and professionally. The combination of extensive personal development, lived experiences and formal professional training make Corliss the real and relatable coach who knows the way- and goes the way- with you. 

The LEAD Coaching Model

Corliss Co. supports women through the LEAD coaching system.

This process helps guide our clients from where they are to where they want to be.  


L- Learn where you are at

E- Establish where you want to go 

A- Assess potential obstacles 

D- Determine a course of action 


Recognizing each person comes to us with unique backgrounds and circumstances, the LEAD coaching system will be personalized to you- 

right where you are at! 

Should we work together? YOU DECIDE! 

Remember how it feels to be full of purpose, passion, and confidence?

How long has it been? Have you fallen into the trap of monotony again? 

No one feels "on" every moment of every day, but the goal for everyone is to feel excited, fulfilled and passionate- MOST of the time - this is why investing in your personal development is important. Coaching helps you keep that fire lit and gives you tools, support and training to live to your potential!

A spark can become a flame and change everything! 


This exclusive 5-week signature program will help LEAD your best life! Work directly with Corliss in this live transformational coaching program. hahahahahahaahahahahhahaha



This monthly coaching is designed to help you focus forward while keeping you connected and accountable to women who will inspire, encourage and motivate you. gagagaghaha



Do you want to pick Corliss's brain for a quick path to your goals, ask questions about your projects, or just enjoy a quality conversation with someone who has extensive personal and professional experience?



There are four challenges offered throughout the year. Each one gives you an opportunity to grow and evolve into the best version of you! Enjoy the safe, convenient space to focus on yourself. ahahahahaha 



Not sure which coaching is for you? 


Book your FREE 15-minute consult call with Corliss 

No risk or obligation. In this connect call, Corliss will help you determine if she offers programs that will support you.