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Are you ready to live a life of abundance? 

"Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we tune into."

Dr. Wayne Dyer 


  • Are you ready to break free of scarcity?

  • Are you tired of living a limited life? 

  • Do you want to replace fear with freedom? 


Perhaps you have been living your whole life feeling like there is never enough... time, money, or opportunity. 

No matter how hard you try, you always seem to fall short- there is never enough, and ultimately, YOU are not enough. 


This is not the truth.

ABUNDANCE IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU, and it's possible right now.


In this personal growth challenge, you will learn how to create your abundant life. With a shift in your thinking, embracing new decisions, and going about things differently, you can have the life of abundance you want- and deserve. 



An abundant life is possible for you.

The Abundant You - Individual

$27.00 CAD
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What can you expect?

After purchase members will receive access to the first module of 9 in the personal growth challenge.
Each day for all 9 days you will receive an email delivered to your inbox with access to a daily coaching video. 
You have access to the personal growth challenge for 14 days. 
The videos are designed to be short but powerful making them manageable for you to fit into your busy life. Each has a specific topic with a compelling message that will lead you to the abundant life you want to be living...  
Included in the challenge is a printable journal that supports your video training.  Each day you will have a thought to focus on, a suggested decision and action step to work with throughout the day, along with a reflection each evening.
The journal is fully guided and will help you gain clarity, grow in understanding, and experience breakthroughs! 
It is recommended for you to plan twenty minutes each morning and ten minutes each evening to gain the most from the challenge. 

Challenge Outline: 

For the first 3 days, you will focus on abundant thinking and shifting your limited thoughts.
In the next 3 days, you will become empowered by learning how to make abundant decisions.  
In the final 3 days, you will be inspired to take action and empowered to lead your life

You will not go this alone!

As a big added bonus, you will become a member of the Abundant You Facebook community where you will have the support of like-minded individuals. Their stories will encourage you and keep you accountable to show up daily.  

Even though this is a self-directed challenge that you do at your convenience,



In support of your 9-day journey, you will have access to this safe and supportive community. You will be encouraged, inspired, and cheered on by other participants. This is a positive environment in which to grow and having the support of others will become priceless to you. In this community, you will be inspired to go the distance and learn from others on the same journey as you.
Should life get in the way, and you fall behind on your daily videos, you will have time to make up the lessons as your access will continue for another 5 days afterward. 
We want you to succeed! The additional days of access will give you the flexibility and grace to complete the entire challenge.   

Say yes to abundance in all its forms 

The Abundant You - Individual

$27.00 CAD
Join Now


  • 27 Abundance Affirmations
  • 9 Abundance Meditations
  • Daily practices you can use to cause a positive, significant & immediate shift in your life!

LEAD Your Life With Abundant Thoughts 

For the first 3 days, we will start where abundance begins- in your mind.
Day One- The Universal Law 
Day Two- Grounded In Gratitude 
Day Three- The Intentional Shift 


LEAD Your Life Through Abundant Decisions 

In the next 3 days, you will shift through abundant decisions. 
Day Four- Be Completely In Love With Your Life 
Day Five- Define Your Dream  
Day Six- Believe In Miracles 

LEAD Your Life Through Abundant Actions

In the final 3 days, you will create abundance through intentional action.

Day Seven- Elevate Your Energy 
Day Eight- Practice Makes Perfect
Day Nine- Leave Footprints In The Sand 

In this 9-day personal growth challenge, you will learn how to create your abundant life. With a shift in your thinking, embracing new decisions, and going about things differently, you can have the life of abundance you want- and deserve. 

- A sample of your video lessons - 

This sample is from The Best You challenge


Choose Your Abundant Life NOW