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Corliss Co. is more than a Company


Yes, it's a Company, but the Co. represents how we serve our clients!

Coaching. Conferences. Connection. Community.  Conversations.

Why We Do What We Do...

Team Corliss


We know what it feels like to search high and low for the answers to a question you can’t even explain to yourself. To feel like there is something “more” waiting for you (even if you don’t know what that “more is…)                                                                                                                                                                           
Nearly every day, our clients tell us how relieved they are because they
… finally feel a sense of purpose.
… finally have clarity about what’s important and why. 
… finally figured out what they want to do next.
… finally realize what has stopped them from having the life they wish for.
… finally understand how important they are.                                                                                                               
We believe that every person has their own set of circumstances and a personal story that is unique to them. We bring like-minded people together through a safe, supportive, and judgment-free environment that allows people the freedom to find their way into who they want to be.

Our guiding light has become our mission. 

Through stories that connect to the heart, Corliss Co. empowers women to lead their best lives by looking within to find purpose.


Our story

After more than two decades of success in direct sales, Corliss became inspired to serve people outside her sales organization. In her position as Senior Regional VP she played a key role between the field and Corporation leading change and supporting thousands of independent entrepreneurs over her long-standing career. Over time she felt called to venture into a space where she could inspire, empower, and train others who were not directly in her direct sales company.

Despite the differences in career titles, Corliss feels that underneath people are all the same, with a desire to live and lead a life that makes them happy, fulfilled, and feeling accomplished.

In 2017, feeling drawn to helping people in a bigger way than she’d done previously, Corliss began holding vision board workshops supporting local women in redefining their goals to reclaim their lives. This led her to discover that many women needed help not only clarifying their direction but the confidence to take action towards their goals.

This inspired her to design the Lead Your Life Masterclass program where she led intimate groups of women to define their purpose, gain clarity on their goals, and find the confidence to pursue both. Corliss witnessed a common theme with each session of the program where the women who joined connected and became inspired realizing they weren’t alone in their struggles and through the sharing of personal stories and experiences, they elevated each other, and created lifelong friendships.

With new skills and understanding of self, Corliss armed these women with the tools to create lasting change. As news of this lifechanging program started spreading, Corliss expanded the offer to a virtual platform giving more women the opportunity to change their lives by learning more about themselves and being part of a community that would support them in being all they can be.

The masterclass ignited a bigger vision in Corliss which led to an expansion offering empowerment conferences across Saskatchewan, helping people discover hope, courage, and a road map to lead their best lives. Through creating a safe space for people to connect and share their stories, people found a place to belong and become supported to journey through life’s ups and downs.

Our Story

Just as your story has evolved, so has ours. 

Seeing the positive changes this work was offering, Corliss made a decision to follow her heart and make her new Company her primary focus. This courageous decision was fueled by the lives she saw changing and with this decision she found a renewed sense of purpose in her own life. No more “safety net”. She went all in.
Taking action on her belief of leading by example, Corliss immersed herself in personal and professional development training. This commitment took her to destinations all over North America to learn from the best our world has to offer, including Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Lewis Howes, Carolin Soldo, and Oprah Winfrey. These experiences reignited her desire to help women lead their best lives and inspired her to write her first book, Lead Your Life; How to Live With Purpose, Passion, and Confidence, to become a certified Success Principles Coach and shortly after to become Dare to Lead trained through Brene Brown.
Corliss’ combined years of personal and professional experiences make her relatable and compassionate towards the regular “struggles” of her clients. She has the ability to see the outcomes her clients can’t see for themselves. She helps them feel understood, appreciated, and able to see the new path toward what they really want to achieve. Corliss doesn’t shy away from real conversations, always speaking from the heart no matter who she’s talking to. 


Corliss Co is a purpose-driven organization that believes when you better yourself- your whole life will be better. Through personal growth and development, you can continually evolve into the best version of yourself and that will have a positive impact on your home, workplace, and community.


Tony Robbins
Jack Canfield
Lewis Howes
Murray Howe

The 3 P’s of Corliss Co.

– People – Products – Programs

People come first. We value every interaction and every person we support. Whether in-person, on social or online, we value people and always keep the needs of our clients top of mind. We are here to serve. We offer quality products and never comprise on our standard of excellence that you will always gain more than you invest. We develop life-changing programs that will have a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve.
Ashlee Leeb

Ashlee Leeb - Personal & Business Assistant

"I joined Corliss Co. because I am able to help people on so many different levels. I have always found joy in helping others and when I realized how many people I could impact by working at Corliss Co. I knew I needed to join. I enjoy seeing how many lives have been changed because of the work we do here."

Ashlee is the first member of the Corliss Co. team and plays an important role behind the scenes. In her role as Personal & Business Assistant, she is part of every new product development, event, podcast, and system. Ashlee is a resourceful and invaluable woman with a “can do” attitude where if she doesn’t know it, she seeks to find answers.

Recognizing Corliss has a massive vision, and a creative mind, Ashlee rolls with Corliss’ inspiration always ready to take on the next big project. 

Our Promise

We believe in leading by example. To bring our best to you, we constantly invest our time and money into our own coaching, training, and education.
We believe in continuous learning and will never ask anyone to do what we haven’t done ourselves.
We believe in authenticity and the power of personal experience. Through sharing and connecting, we elevate each other to become the best we can be.
We believe when you better yourself, your whole life is better.
We believe in diversity and inclusion and although we primarily serve women, we welcome anyone who is motivated to lead their best life.
We believe everyone matters and has purpose.
We promise to always develop a team that aligns with our mission to make a difference.
We believe in empowering each other through stories and experiences and will always honor each person with empathy, respect, and confidentiality while providing a safe place for people to belong.
We believe in having fun and that the journey of self-discovery is one to embrace and enjoy.
We believe that each person has the power to lead and influence others, and when you own that power, you can make a positive difference in your home, career, and community.