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Corliss Co. is more than a Company 

Yes, it's a Company, but the Co. represents how we serve our clients!

Coaching. Conferences. Connection. Community. Conversations. Courses. 

Some things change and some things stay the same- that’s a good thing.

Corliss Co. began with a mission to make a positive and significant difference in the world… and that has not changed.

I believe that everything that happens in our lives, happens to help us become who we were born to be. I “fell” into a career in direct sales with PartyLite in my early twenties and that one decision impacted my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. It exposed me to a world I had never known and taught me skills I didn’t have. I grew my business, from home, while raising my three children from Consultant to Senior Regional Vice President by coaching, training, and mentoring thousands of independent entrepreneurs to meet their goals. Almost every day I was excited to go to work, stretching myself to achieve another goal, all while helping others do the same. I went from lighting homes to lighting lives, and for more than twenty years that was exactly what I wanted to do.

But then things changed…
Although grateful for what was, I had this feeling there was something more… I just didn’t know what it was. I took a deep dive into my personal development to figure that out and when I came out the other side, I realized I was doing exactly what I love to do, but I wanted to do it on a bigger level, and for more people. Corliss Co. was born.
My personal process of self-discovery has led me to develop a system that helps other people do the same. No one gets through life without experiencing challenges, setbacks, disappointments, or failures. We all fall into boredom sometimes or feel a little lost. Having had these experiences myself, I am able to relate to my clients, but am also empowered to help them through it.

Our Story

Corliss Co. is dedicated to developing & growing people to be the best they can be.

Team Corliss

We believe when people are at their best, and feeling their best, it has a positive impact in their homes, careers, and communities.

Every person we serve here at Corliss Co. comes to us with a different set of life circumstances and a personal story that is unique to them. Although their stories are different, underneath each is striving for the same outcome- to LEAD their best lives! We take a holistic approach to your personal development knowing that when you work on yourself, it will improve your mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual well-being. 

We bring like-minded people together into a safe, supportive, and judgment-free environment that allows them the freedom to find their way into who they want to be.

Why We Do What We Do...

Just as your story has evolved, so has ours. 

For more than two decades Corliss was a coach, trainer, and speaker within her direct sales company, but in 2018 she made the decision to follow her heart and make Corliss Co. her primary focus. This decision took courage (as does all change) but since it was made, she has never looked back. Helping others grow, evolve, and develop to be a leader in their lives is why we do what we do. With each life impacted, we are reinspired to keep helping people in every way we can. 

Leading by example is one of Corliss' guiding principles. She never asks anyone to do what she hasn't done (or is willing to do). 

Following her decision, Corliss immersed herself in personal and professional development training. This commitment took her to destinations all over North America to learn from the best our world has to offer, including Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Lewis Howes, Brendan Burchard, Brene Brown, and Oprah Winfrey. These experiences continually reignite her desire to help people be their best- and bring their best- to others.

Lead Your Life; How to Live With Purpose, Passion, and Confidence, is an Amazon #1 bestseller and she is fully trained to serve you as a certified Success Principles Coach and Dare to Lead trainer.

Corliss’ combined years of personal and professional experiences make her relatable and compassionate towards the regular “struggles” of her clients. She has the ability to see the outcomes her clients can’t see for themselves. She helps them feel understood, appreciated, and able to see the new path toward what they really want to achieve. Corliss doesn’t shy away from real conversations, always speaking from the heart no matter who she’s talking to. 

Corliss Co is a purpose-driven organization that believes when you better yourself- your whole life will be better. Through personal growth and development, you can continually evolve into the best version of yourself and that will have a positive impact on your home, workplace, and community.


Tony Robbins
Jack Canfield
Lewis Howes
Murray Howe
Ashlee Leeb

Ashlee Leeb - Personal & Business Assistant

 "I joined Corliss Co. because I am able to help people on so many different levels. I have always found joy in helping others and when I realized how many people I could impact by working at Corliss Co. I knew I needed to join. I enjoy seeing how many lives have been changed because of the work we do here."

Ashlee plays an important role behind the scenes in all we do here at Corliss Co. In her role as Personal & Business Assistant, she is part of every new product development, event, podcast, and system. Ashlee is a resourceful and invaluable woman with a “can do” attitude where if she doesn’t know it, she seeks to find answers.

Recognizing Corliss has a massive vision and a creative mind, Ashlee rolls with Corliss’ inspiration always ready to take on the next big project. 


We believe in leading by example.
To bring our best to you, we constantly invest our time and money into our own coaching, training, and education.
We believe in continuous learning and will never ask anyone to do what we haven’t done ourselves.
We believe in authenticity and the power of personal experience.
Through sharing and connecting, we elevate each other to become the best we can be.
We believe when you better yourself, your whole life is better.
We believe in diversity and inclusion and although we primarily serve women, we welcome anyone who is motivated to lead their best life.
We believe everyone matters and has purpose.
We promise to always develop a team that aligns with our mission to make a difference.
We believe in empowering each other through stories and experiences and will always honor each person with empathy, respect, and confidentiality while providing a safe place for people to belong.
We believe in having fun and that the journey of self-discovery is one to embrace and enjoy.
We believe that each person has the power to lead and influence others, and when you own that power, you can make a positive difference in your home, career, and community.


The 3 P’s of Corliss Co.

People – Products – Programs

People come first. We value every interaction and every person we support. Whether in-person, on social or online, we value people and always keep the needs of our clients top of mind. We are here to serve. We offer quality products and never comprise on our standard of excellence that you will always gain more than you invest. We develop life-changing programs that will have a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve.

Qualified to serve you

Qualified to serve you

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