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Become the LEADer you were meant to be

Calling those who:
Are interested in continuing their personal growth. 
Are in a leadership position in their workplace. 
Coach and mentor others.
Are entrepreneurs who are supporting downlines and growing an organization.
Own businesses and want to develop strong leaders.
Desire to be the most positive influence to others.


Called To LEAD is a certificate program for those who feel called to lead themselves and others. This course focuses on developing people and when you develop people, it has an impact on every aspect of their lives.



The Called To LEAD digital course consists of 12 in-depth coaching modules, printable training materials, and step-by-step video guidance from your coach, Corliss Rassyle. This certificate program offers you practical personal development strategies that you first apply to yourself, which will empower you to support others on their personal leadership journey.


Called to LEAD includes more than 10 hours of self-paced online video instruction. Once completed, and a satisfactory score is achieved on the exam, you will receive your Called To LEAD certificate!

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Corliss brings decades of leadership expertise, having coached and mentored individuals to unlock their leadership potential.

With "Called to Lead," she is dedicated to empowering YOU to become the leader you were born to be.

Corliss Rassyle is a Canadian inspirational speaker, a certified Success Principles Coach, Dare to Lead trainer, Founder of LEAD Conference Canada, and CEO of Corliss Co. Consulting Inc. She is the best-selling author of the book Lead Your Life; How to Live With Purpose, Passion and Confidence and the host of one of Canada’s most popular self-improvement podcasts, Conversations With Corliss. 

Corliss brings a unique perspective to leadership having both formal and informal training and experiences.

Corliss is a leader in every sense of the word. As a lifelong entrepreneur, she is no stranger to personal leadership having to constantly reinvent her vision, connect to purpose, and find motivation within herself to lead those within her team. Facing both personal and professional challenges throughout her lifetime, she has found a way to turn struggle into strength having made it her mission to use her lived experiences to help other people- Called To LEAD is the outcome of that mission to make a difference. 


Corliss is a cheerleader for her fellow humans. She wants to see you win at life and sees leadership as an opportunity to go with you.

Each time you conquer an inner or outer obstacle, you will become stronger from the experience and evolve into who you were born to be -
but, you don't need to go through it alone.

Come as you are, she will meet you there.

Do you feel Called To LEAD?

Leadership is defined as an initiative in action; an example to follow. This means you are LEADing in your home, career, and community.


If you are seeking to evolve as a leader and role model through personal growth and development, then the Called To LEAD program will support you.


It all begins with you.

The "Called to Lead," is a comprehensive self-paced personal leadership certificate course designed to unleash the leader within you!


Transform Your Leadership Journey with the

Called to LEAD Certificate Course! 

What's Included:


Engaging Video Lessons - Dive deep into each module with 5 carefully crafted video lessons, bringing leadership principles to life.

Comprehensive PDF Worksheets - Reinforce your learning with downloadable worksheets, providing practical applications for each lesson.

Bonus Materials - Unlock exclusive bonus content, including interviews, case studies, and actionable tools to enhance your leadership skills.

Support from Corliss -  Connect directly with Corliss in regular support calls, addressing your questions and providing personalized guidance.


Course Highlights:


Personalized Learning - Progress at your own pace, fitting the course into your busy schedule.

Community Engagement -  Join a vibrant community of aspiring leaders, sharing insights and experiences.

Certificate of Completion - Showcase your commitment to leadership excellence with an official "Called to Lead" certificate.

Ready to step into your leadership calling?

Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity. Join Called to LEAD today and chart your course toward leadership excellence.

I am Called To LEAD and joining now!
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