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Grab your copy of this Amazon #1 best-seller today!

Have you been wondering if there is more to life than you are currently living? 

Lead Your Life will empower you with a simplistic approach and practical tools to take control of your life and start living as the powerful leader you are meant to be. 

This book will help you: 

  • Discover your purpose and guide you to live it each day. 
  • Connect you to your passions making life more fun and fulfilling. 
  • Find your confidence to create the life you deserve.

Life is precious and passes quickly. Don’t waste another day.

You have the power to live intentionally and be filled with joy and happiness. You get to choose.

What People Are Saying:

Last weekend, I found out Corliss was going to be in Saskatoon at a trade show, with her book! Normally for me, Sundays are a day to stay home...alone... and recharge from the work week. This Sunday however, I felt the need to go see Corliss, and get my hands on a copy of her book that everyone has been raving about! Oh my! I am SO glad I ventured out! I was lucky enough to spend some one on one time with her. Her energy is so contagious! And because she is so easy to talk to, I couldn’t help but share with her, things about a passion that recently has surfaced again for me. By sharing, I also realized, I have a lot a fear holding me back as well.. Corliss immediately put things into perspective for me. Which in turn, got me all fired up! Her words were coming straight from the heart. 💕 Corliss, in a short time, totally stirred up my SOUL! I felt, for the first time in a long time, excited to put a plan into action. She helped me to see, that I deserve to live a life that makes ME happy, and that I need to take action to accomplish that! Needless to say, I went home and eagerly dove into her book! I can’t WAIT to see how the future unfolds for me! (I am off to get new shades by the way, because it’s going to be bright!! Lol! 😎✌🏼) I just want to thank you Corliss, for being you! I am very grateful for your passion to help others lead their absolute best life!! 💕

Shelly Dengler

Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, NOW Corliss! Uplifting and empowering many women with her motivational speaking, Corliss has a fearless and energizing force that will lead you to find your Purpose. Connect with Corliss or read her book - Lead Your Life. You won't be disappointed.

Rena Litt

Reading the book, Lead Your Life: How to Live With Purpose, Passion and Confidence, has been part of a cornerstone of positive change in my life. I trust there will be much more from Corliss that will brighten the world and light people on fire for their passion!

Jessica Gies