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Why you should have a vision for your life- 5 BIG reasons!

#blog #corliss #inspiration #motivation #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #selfhelp #visionboard #womenempowerment Mar 20, 2023
Is creating a vision board just a fun craft exercise?
Absolutely NOT.

Designing a vision board is the first step in realizing the life of your dreams.


You can't see it right now, but currently, there are four vision boards hanging in my office. I recently took some time to really book at the boards and it has inspired me to write this blog post. 


Almost everything on my boards has come true, or is coming true! Now, please keep reading because this is not special to me. Creating a vision board is a powerful tool because it not only helps you connect to what you want your life to look like, but it activates your dreams by placing images in your subconscious mind- on purpose!

A look back...
In 2017 when I started my Company, I didn't know I was starting my Company. I held a few vision board workshops because some friends had asked me to. One thing was very consistent in every single one. It was an emotional experience for many of the women there as they hadn't even thought about what they wanted for a very long time. They weren't leading their lives... life was leading them. In the weeks, months, and years following, the workshop participants would message me excited to share how something had happened that was on their board and many even reported that "it is time to make another one" because almost everything they put on theirs had already happened! 

That has been my personal experience as well. One example was placing the words "highly educated" on the center of my vision board with Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, and Oprah Winfrey beside it. At the time I thought I would simply follow them or read their looks, but within a year of stating that vision through my board, I got opportunities that allowed me to meet them and attend live training with all three of them. More recently, Jack Canfield also accepted my invitation to speak at our inaugural event of LEAD Conference Canada in 2023 my Company is hosting. In doing so, another part of my board is being realized as I envisioned creating a life-changing personal growth event for Canadians with world-class speakers (like Jack) attending! 



1. It will give you clarity.
When you have a vision you will gain clarity about what you want to be, do, and have in your life. You can't really get to where you are going if you haven't defined the destination.

2. The best way to predict the future is to create it.
Once you have envisioned your ultimate life you can take daily actions toward making that vision a reality because you are clear on what you want to create.

3. So you don't get stuck.
The famous words from the Book of Soloman come to mind "where there is no vision, people perish." This is true. When people have no vision they perish inside because they lose a sense of purpose and passion for life. As a leader, you can also only take people as far as your vision is.  

4. To be motivated.
When you are clear on what you want, and why, you will connect yourself to a reason to get up and get going! When you can see the vision, who it will impact, and how, you will find meaning and purpose to pursue it. 

5. To activate your subconscious mind.
Your brain is so powerful- far more than you may realize. When you plant images in your mind of what you want to experience and then FEEL that achievement before it happens, your mind will look for ways to create it. It can seem hokey at first if you have never done this process before, but once you make a board and things start happening, I promise you, you will become a believer.



How you create your board is less important than why you should. Just having one, no matter how you create it, will begin the process of realizing your goals. Don't try to do it perfectly or have it all together before you begin... just get started and let it take shape. 

This can be a challenge for adults because somewhere along the way of living life and fulfilling your responsibilities, you forgot how to dream or someone told you it wasn't possible to have anything you want in life. 

Resist the urge to believe those limited thoughts... 

Allow your imagination to come back and just allow yourself the chance to dream and believe that dreams can come true- for you! Because they can.

I have seen it over and over and had the most mindblowing things happen to prove that anything is possible for those who decide what they want and believe it is possible for them. You get to make that choice what you believe every day, and I hope you make the ones that encourage you. 



Here are a few suggestions that may be helpful in getting started. On my website, I also created a DIY Vision Board Starter Kit you can download for free HERE. Within this DIY kit, you also get written exercises to help you brainstorm what could go on your board. This can be helpful instead of going straight toward images. 


TIP 1- Think of every area of your life.

You are a whole person so consider every area of your life- personal, professional, family, finance, health & wellness, experiences, contribution etc. 

TIP 2- Flip through magazines or scroll through platforms like Canva, Pixabay, or Shutterstock.

Printing pictures of things you know you want is good, but that means you are coming from the logical part of your brain. By scrolling through images or flipping through magazines, you are coming from the creative and imaginative part of your brain. 

TIP 3- Resist the urge to leave things out because you don't think it's too big.

The past doesn't define you, it's prepared you for a purpose. It has made readied you for the next phase and it can be bigger, better, happier, and more fulfilling. When those limited thoughts come up (as they always do) just release them. Besides, does it cost more to dream big or small? It's the same so you might as well go BIG! 

TIP 4- Get prepared in advance. 

Book the time in your schedule and prepare in advance with supplies like scissors, a bristol board, fresh ink in your printer, and magazines. Many of you have been wanting to make a board but haven't because time gets away and you never get to it. Plan this like you do all the other things you do in your life. 

TIP 5- Get an accountability partner. 

A word of caution here... choose someone that is capable of encouraging you and supporting you. Often that isn't the people closest to you. Family can think they are protecting you from disappointment by downplaying your goals, even if they don't mean to. Hopefully, that isn't the case for you, but if it is, seek out groups that will help lift you up. We have options for you at Corliss Co. 

TIP 6- Put it up where you can see it. 

There is power in just creating the board, but when you can see the images consistently, you will reinforce them as goals within your subconscious mind. 

TIP 7- Each week study it and think about how it will feel to have that vision become your reality. 

When you pause to study the images and remember WHY you put them on there, you are activating the power of visualization. Allow yourself the chance to imagine it done and what it will feel like. Envision it as completed... how does it feel, who is affected, and how is your life better from achieving these things? Not everything on your board will be tangible, often it is how you want to feel achieving the goals you set, so allow yourself the chance to experience the emotions tied to the vision. 


As a final thought, I highly recommend you take small action steps regularly toward your vision. Just making a vision board will put you on the path to realizing the life you envision, but when you deliberately take action toward it, you accelerate the process of achievement. 

By the way, I know you deserve the life you dream of- I hope you know you do too! 


Love & Light,