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Something I am learning- again!

Aug 25, 2022
Empowered woman with inspirational message


Something I am learning about myself,


I tend to avoid things I don’t want to face.

I distract myself by keeping busy, so I don’t have to face how I feel or make hard decisions.

Not on purpose, but because it’s how I learned to cope.

I know I am not alone in this.


It’s easier to be numb than feel those feelings.

It’s easier to ignore the truth than face it.

It’s easier to minimize the trauma than allow the reality in.

It’s easier to keep busy than sit in stillness.

It’s easier to prove your success to others than it is to prove it to yourself.  

It’s easier to hide the truth than vulnerably share your story.


Or so we think.


I am learning that it is not easier because avoidance is only a temporary solution.

The emotions will weigh heavily on you, even eat away at you, until you own the truth- and face it.


Whether it’s-

Accepting the truth about a relationship.

Acknowledging how miserable you are at your job.

Recognizing what you are living is abuse.  

Or, that you have an addiction.


Whether it’s-

Owning up to your mistakes.

Being honest about your individuality.

Taking steps to heal your past

Or, learning to move forward through grief…


I have learned…

The truth, your truth, will set you free.


Eventually, you’ll need to own it, and how you feel.

The real question is how long will you (I) avoid it?