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Dear people pleaser- it's not your job

Aug 05, 2022
Smiling woman with inspiration


Dear people pleaser,


It’s not your job to make sure everyone else is happy.

It’s not your job to fix everyone’s problems.

You are not the entertainment committee, nor the event planner. (well maybe if that’s your career, but not otherwise)

You are not required to be perfect and do life perfectly.

You have nothing to prove.

You are allowed to screw up, make mistakes, fall down, and YES, even cry.

Try not to judge yourself for being human, you are doing your best, and it’s enough.

You are enough.

Even when you lose your cool or have an ugly cry.

Although you give it all you have, sometimes things won’t work out, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s on you.

Sometimes, it may not be your fault.

I know, weird concept when you are used to taking on the role of everyone’s happiness, except maybe your own.  

Believe it or not, you do not have to play God. That role has been filled.


With love,



PS. Keep your servant's heart… it’s beautiful.