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Don't deny your feelings- emotions make you human

Sep 01, 2022

 Don’t deny your feelings


If today had a color, it would be blue.

Not sure why… maybe it’s because I think my tears would be blue, or because it describes how I am feeling. Perhaps it’s because I am gazing across the lake right now of my summer home knowing I have to leave. It’s been an incredible couple of months.


When I dig a little deeper into these feelings it’s also because I know this is one less summer I have left with my growing son. Just writing that helps me make sense of what’s going on inside me. With two grown daughters I knew to hang on to every moment because time would go by really fast- and yet, it still did. 


Letting go can be hard. Moving on can be a challenge.

Even if you know it’s the way it’s supposed to be.


Things happen.

Kids grow up.

People move on.

Seasons change.

Time passes.

Change is inevitable.


It is normal to feel all the way through it.


"I would wish for time to slow down but that would be wasting a minute of this moment with you." 

From me to my son.


I used to deny my feelings by pushing through. I would keep busy always moving on to the next thing and the next thing, so I didn’t have to fully deal with how I felt. It was how I learned to cope.


Throughout my life I was conditioned to believe that if you had many emotions in a day, there was something wrong with you, so instead, I learned to deny my truth.


I now know something different. 


If you were to go through life without feeling- you are not really living- and the people who tell you to, are simply not in touch with their own. Emotions make you human and you do not need to be ashamed of them. Just because someone doesn’t understand your feelings, doesn’t make them wrong. They are what they are.


My first daughter got married last year and as the bridal party was lining up to walk down the aisle with her, the 6-year-old flower girl said to me, “I am so nervous”, instinctively I responded, “that’s okay, being nervous means you care”. She smiled a big smile and replied “yes”.


All feelings are relevant and to be embraced.

Your emotions mean you are alive and when you let yourself feel, you will transform your life. Who you are will become elevated because honoring your feelings will set you free. 


So, feel it all-

The joy

The sadness

The fear

The jealousy

The anger

The happiness

The frustration

The excitement


As Elizabeth Gilbert said, “embrace the glorious mess that you are.” In doing so, you honor who you are, and how you feel.


Just a note from me,