The Power Of You

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the Power of You?


The 21-day personal growth challenge is designed to help you focus on what you can change- YOU!


Making Peace With the Past 

For the first 7 days we will focus on understanding your past and making peace with it. You will gain an understanding of yourself and why you are how you are and identify where your personal power is. This week will support you in creating lasting change by shifting your mindset, understanding your programming, and give you practical tools to move forward in your life.


Living In the Present

For the next 7 days we will focus our energy on living in the moment because this day is what you have. You will have a powerful shift in perspective and be guided through a week of gratitude, self-love, and acceptance. With new awareness and knowledge of yourself, you will be ready to embrace each day and live your life fully and purposefully.


Propelling Towards the Future

For the last 7 days we will focus on moving forward and creating your ideal life. Through purposeful intention, goal setting, and a defined vision, you will become inspired to embrace change and take action. With a new understanding of yourself, a shift in mindset and powerful practical ideas, you will be ready to face your fears and confidently move forward to lead a life you love.

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Discover The Power Of You?  

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What you can expect?


Beginning July 1st, 2021 all members of the challenge will receive access to the full 21-day challenge. Each day an email will be delivered to your inbox with a video training message, thought for the day, and a simple exercise to focus on throughout your day.

The first 7 days you will focus on making peace with the past.

The next 7 days you will focus on living in the present .

The final 7 days will help you move forward into your future.

In support of your 21-day journey, you will also get access to the printable Power of You journal.

Each day you will have the opportunity to grow through self-refection, celebrate your progress and journal your thoughts to gain a deeper understanding.


As a bonus and ease working through the challenge, you will also receive links to suggested daily meditations that will support you throughout the 21-day journey. 


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Discover The Power Of You?  

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