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The Best You Challenge









Repeat after me...

I can only give the best of myself to others when I am connected to the best of me.

Many of the struggles you are experiencing are related to things that happened in the past, and because they have gone unhealed, or you haven't taken the time to understand them, they interrupt your ability to live and lead your best life today. This also limits the possibility of positive change in the future.



Within this personal growth challenge, you will learn-

  • That your past has helped to shape you into the person you are today. Throughout the challenge, you may even feel proud of yourself for all you have endured and who you have become! (wouldn't that be great?)¬†
  • Only you decide who you are now and learning to love that person is the best gift you can give yourself, and all those you are in a relationship with. (your family will love the positive changes in you)!¬†
  • That you have the power to create your future! And when you take all of your experiences and lessons with you, it will not only better your life, it will better the lives of everyone around you. (your positive energy will bring you so many good things)!

Ready to be the person you want to be?



What you can expect? 

Beginning October 1st all members will receive access to the 21-day challenge. Each day for 21 days you will receive an email delivered to your inbox with access to a daily training video and supporting journal. The videos are designed to be short but powerful. Each has a specific topic with a compelling message that will inspire you to become the best you… 


Each day you will have a thought to focus on, a suggested decision, and an action step to work with throughout the day, along with a reflection each evening. The journal is fully guided and will help you grow in understanding. 

It is recommended that you plan twenty minutes each morning and ten minutes each evening to gain the most from the challenge. 


Challenge Outline: 

  • The first 7 days you will focus on embracing the past.
  • The next 7 days you will focus on living in the moment.¬†
  • The final 7 days will help you lead your life into the future.


In support of your 21-day journey, you will also get access to the private Facebook community where you will be encouraged and supported to grow in a positive environment with other like-minded individuals. 

In this community, you will be supported to go the distance and learn from others on the same journey as you.

Should life get in the way, and you fall behind on your daily videos, you will have time to make up the lessons as your access will continue until the end of the month.

We want you to succeed!

The additional days of access will give you the flexibility and grace to complete the entire challenge.

Stop putting yourself and your happiness at the bottom of the list. 

"In order to lead your best life- you must focus on becoming the best version of yourself."   Corliss Rassyle 

Embracing the Past 

For the first 7 days, we will focus on understanding where you come from and reframe your past by embracing the journey you have been on. You will gain an understanding of yourself and identify where your power is. This week will help you create lasting change through self-love and acceptance, embracing your value, and celebrating yourself for who you are. You will shift your mindset, focus your energy, and develop a better understanding of yourself, and learn practical tools to move forward in your life.


Living In the Moment 

For the next 7 days, we will focus your energy on living in the moment because this day is what you have. You will have a powerful shift in perspective and be guided throughout the week to release your worries, own your story, embrace your blessings, and find the joy in life. With this new awareness and knowledge of yourself, you will be inspired to let go of what holds you back from being the best you and align yourself with the abundant flow and energy of living in the present.  


Leading Into the Future

Throughout the process of the last 7 days, we will focus on igniting your life with purpose and passion! We will explore possibilities, spark your creativity, and help you become empowered by choice. You will learn how to change your own story, plan for your future, and become inspired to courageously take charge of your life. In this final week, you will step into your confidence to move towards the life you envision. Step by step, you will be guided to a new understanding of yourself to access your personal power and become the best you can be.

Who is Corliss?  

Corliss Rassyle may have many titles like Motivational Speaker, Certified Success Principles Coach, Dare to Lead Trainer, Best-selling Author, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur, and Mom of three (and a fur baby), but outside of her many accomplishments, titles, and roles, she is regular person focused on living and leading her best life- helping as many people as she can to do the same!  

Corliss was raised in rural Saskatchewan and although she now resides in the city, she is a farm girl at heart. The strong values that guide her present-day were instilled in her growing up on the farm, and through humor, humility, and heart, she will inspire you to‚ÄĮbe their best and bring your best to others.¬†

Here is a sneak peek into the daily videos