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7- Day RESET Challenge

Is This You?

Own your power to LEAD your life!


Looking to get yourself back on track?

Join us for the 7-day RESET challenge!
Seven “power-packed” days to help you recharge, refocus, and realign!


This 7-day challenge is designed as a RESET for those who are feeling in a rut, find themselves in a funk, or are lacking joy and excitement in their lives. It is for those who crave self-discovery and want to live a full and abundant life. These 7 days are “power-packed” with inspiration and practical teachings that will help you get your life back on track.


You have the power to change your own life- this challenge will help you do that!


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What is included: 


• Challenge participants will receive a daily video message directly to their inbox each day for 7 days. Videos are short but powerful making it easy to build into your routine for one week.

• To support the daily video focus, you will have a suggested thought, decision, and action to implement throughout the day.

• Access to a printable journal that guides you through the challenge and daily reflections.

• You will also have full access to the private RESET Facebook community where you will be supported, encouraged, and inspired by other members.

• All video content is available for TEN days from the day of purchase allowing you grace to complete the challenge, even if life gets in the way.

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Day #1- Start With You

On this day we will focus on all your awesomeness and practice self-love, acceptance, and discipline.

Day #2- Real Leadership 

Today you will explore what it means to lead and how you can be the leader in your own life through your thoughts, decisions, and actions.

Day #3- Personal Power 

Today focus is centered around responsibility, choice, and alignment. This is where your personal power is.

Day #4- Manage Your Mind

On this day you will harness the power of your mindset, build your belief, and focus your energy on what you want to create. 

Day #5- Enjoy The Journey 

Today you will celebrate your life by embracing your past, cherishing the moment, and envisioning your future. 

Day #6- Ignite Your Life 

This day is dedicated to creating purpose, passion, and confidence in your daily life. 

Day #7- Lead and Influence 

Your final day will inspire you to bring the best of you to everything you do. 


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The RESET challenge is a program that can, and should be, repeated.


Personal growth is a never-ending journey.

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