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Better than a Netflix membership, this member coaching offers you inspiring content and a community of support to help you stay accountable and moving forward as you LEAD your life!  


What you get:

  • A live monthly group coaching session with Corliss or a qualified Corliss Co. coach.
  • Recorded access if you miss the live session.
  • A monthly member theme to focus on. 
  • Access to the member-only coaching community for ongoing support.
  • Exclusive discounts and offers as a loyal Corliss Co. member.
  • Monthly discussions and personal growth challenges.  



"I come to the coaching every month because sometimes I need it,
and on the months that I don't need it for me, I still attend so I can be there for someone who needs support."

Rhonda Adair

It can be easy to lose yourself...

You have long to-do lists, people to care for, and personal and professional responsibilities- and you manage it all. 


But, who takes care of you? 
What are you doing to keep yourself well? 


It is true that the only way to bring your best to others is to be at your best.

Being part of the coaching community is a form of self-care... 
It is a place JUST FOR YOU to fill your cup through empowerment coaching, inspirational messages, and supportive women who are just like you.  



"I love being a member of the coaching community. It keeps me motivated to take action steps towards my goals. Instead of just thinking about what I want, this group encourages me to GO for what I want helps me stay on track, and keeps me accountable." 

Dail deBussac

Don't try to figure it out on your own. 

This coaching membership will help you stay focused and positive. 


It's all in one place for you!
This coaching platform offers you live interactive sessions with Coach Corliss and the rest of the community. 
You can access all the content through your PC or mobile device, either live or by recording. Join mini-challenges that keep you focused and engage in meaningful, inspiring conversations through chats and circles.