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Step into your personal power to LEAD yourself and others

Empower Yourself - JOIN NOW!

LEAD Conference Canada is launching in 2023 with the first-ever event being offered in Saskatchewan. 

This two-day, high-energy, high-caliber event will feature both world-class professional speakers and real-life inspirational stories teaching you practical skills to help you better your life. 

This first-of-its-kind experience is brought to you by Corliss Co. Consulting and focuses on personal growth and development empowering you torediscover yourself as a motivated, inspired, & passionate individual. 










No one goes through life without experiencing challenges

Some challenges are caused by things happening outside of you, and some are unresolved matters raging within. 


You want answers.
You want certainty.
You want to feel empowered. 
You want to LEAD your life.

What you need is a reason to rise up, inspiration to spark hope, connection to others, and a clear "road map" to move forward. LEAD Conference Canada is going to give you that- and so much more! 
Underneath we are all the same.

are more than our titles and roles.
We are more than the things that have happened to us.
We are more than our current reality.
We are human beings with real stories, emotions, and history.
We are real people who go through heartbreak, make mistakes, and suffer silent battles.
We are the leaders in our homes, careers, and communities- whether we realize it or not.

At the core of who we are, we all want to live and LEAD our best lives making a positive impact on everyone around us. But, where do you begin? How can you do that when your own light has been extinguished?



Throughout this two-day event, you will experience a process that will help you own your life- past, present, and future.

Who you were, who you are, and who you are yet to be are three different people.

There is another level to you that you haven’t tapped into yet.

Leadership is no longer defined by title or role. It is not just the boss at work, or the person elected to run the country. To LEAD is to influence and that means you are leading because everywhere you are - you have an opportunity to impact those around you.

The choice now, is who do you want to be, and how do you want to influence?

This is a personal development conference and will be a unique experience for every person attending, because every person is unique. Unlike professional development which focuses mostly on developing skills specific to the profession, the LEAD Conference will focus on developing the person who then goes to their profession.


We believe that when you better yourself, every aspect of your life will be better.
With peace in your heart, you will bring more joy to your home and family.
With a shift in your outlook and mindset, you will show up differently in your workplace.
With a renewed sense of self and a clear vision for your life, and who you want to be, you will influence others in a way that makes you proud.  
Are you ready to ignite your life?
Yes I am ready!

It’s not too late to become the person you want to be


LEAD Conference Canada 2023 is pleased to feature EIGHT Keynote Speakers

PLEASE NOTE- Although we plan to deliver the conference speaker line-up as advertised, it's important to understand that sometimes things happen outside of our control. As you make your purchase, please understand that it’s the overall conference experience you are committing to, not a specific speaker. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.



"Dragon", CBC's Dragons’ Den | General Partner, District Ventures Capital | 3 Time Bestselling Author

Every one of us will feel stuck at some point in our lives. One day, you recognize that you have followed a path—personal or professional—that suddenly seems closed off or unfulfilling. Whether it’s a relationship that doesn’t connect in the way it used to or a job that started out being exciting but now feels unrewarding, suddenly you look up from your life and realize there is something else you want to do or to be. You’re ready for a reinvention.


Arlene Dickinson


Jack Canfield


Best Selling Author | International Key Note Speaker | Transformation Trainer | Personal Success Coach

Mastering the Success Principles- How to get from where you are to where you want to be.
Jack Canfield is uniquely qualified to coach you on success. He is an inspirational keynote speaker, internationally recognized transformational trainer, highly acclaimed personal success coach, and bestselling author. He has published more than 250 books, including the New York Times #1 bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series which has sold more than 500 million copies in 47 languages. Knowing how to achieve success is like knowing the combination to a lock. If you are missing any of the numbers, or have them in the wrong order, the lock won't open. In this fast-paced, entertaining, and powerful seminar, based on his latest book, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be— The 10th Anniversary Revised Edition, Jack will teach you his proven breakthrough success system that guarantees you greater levels of peak performance and success in every area of your life—your career, your finances, and your personal life.



Billion+View Youtuber | Comedian | Author | 2011  Winner - Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star


What if all the traits we’ve been told are negative are actually our greatest strengths? What if we don’t need more or better or different in order to find our purpose and joy? What if we learned to stop chasing the fairytale and, instead, embraced the messy, chaotic adventure. Kristina's personal story will help you stop comparing yourself, lower the volume on your insecurities, and encourage you to be who you were before the world told you who to be.


Kristina Kuzmic


Corliss Rassyle


With Purpose, Anything Is Possible

LEAD Conference Canada Visionary and Host | Inspirational  Speaker | Best Selling Author | Podcast Host

Most people will, at some point in their lives, find themselves asking “now what?”, “is this all there is?” and “what is my purpose?” Usually, these questions arise after experiencing life changes, significant crisis, loss, or when autopilot living becomes too unbearable to ignore. Others find themselves in a life they didn’t sign up for and because they don’t know what’s possible, have little belief in themselves, or have forgotten they have the power to change their situation, they settle for less than they want, and deserve. It is said that purpose is an incredible alarm clock because, with purpose, anything is possible- within this keynote, you will wake up to living an intentional and fulfilling life- positively impacting everyone around you, and making yourself proud of who you are and the life you LEAD.


Recruiter | Leadership Executive | Speaker of Wisdom | Avid Single-Tasker

who ARE you? 

Human beings have never had access to as much information as we do today. Especially with social media, we can easily access the lives of both celebrities and everyday people alike. But when you ask most people to simply answer: “Who are you?”, they’re stumped. Behind the masquerade that you are hiding behind, is an identity that feels raw and naked and yet holds the key to a life that can be both easy and impactful.

Get ready to be challenged, to laugh, to gasp and maybe even cry a little as Afua walks you through a journey of discovering WHO you are and why she believes it’s the most important aspect of our existence on Earth. During this interactive keynote address, you will: learn to appreciate yourself by separating your core identity from the actions you take daily, identify the sources of the stories we tell ourselves and understand how they shape our reality, recognize that your trauma is in fact, the precursor to current and future triumphs, and gain confidence and clarity on how to live authentically.


Afua Boateng


Dr. Murray Howe


National Best Selling Author | Keynote Speaker| Associate Clinical Professor

Panel Discussion Speaker

Hockey legend Gordie Howe, was a leader on and off the ice and although he passed away in 2016, his example lives on through those he impacted, particularly his youngest son, Murray. In 2017, Murray Howe published the book, Nine Lessons I Learned From My Father and is joining LEAD Conference Canada in 2023 to share those lessons. The panel discussion will include inspiring true stories and conversations around determining and living your personal values.

Dr. Murray Howe currently resides in Ohio with his wife Colleen and is thrilled to travel back to Saskatchewan to speak about defining your personal values and the profound impact of personal leadership.



Entrepreneur | Certified Coach Practitioner | Professional Leadership Trainer

Panel Discussion Speaker

Although behind the scenes, Laurie Renton is one of the main reasons that LEAD Conference Canada exists. Laurie has lived both her personal and professional life with clearly defined values- making her a widely respected Saskatchewan leader. As an expert in the areas of personal growth and creating wealth and abundance- Laurie helps people make the connection between inner and outer world abundance. In this candid conversation, you will have the opportunity to learn from one of the best our province has to offer.  

Laurie Renton


Allan Kehler


Mental Health Advocate | International Keynote Speaker | Best Selling Author

Goodbye stress- Hello life! 

 Are you someone who wants to exist? Or someone who wants to live? To exist is easy. You navigate through life on autopilot and rarely step outside of your comfort zone. As a result, you are never able to reach your full potential.

This keynote will empower you to live. Get ready to take a break from our fast-paced society, and slow down to reflect on your own needs. Drawing from his own experiences, Allan will inspire you to persevere through your personal challenges rather than avoiding or escaping them. You will be encouraged to take an honest look at what lies beneath your stress and be provided with tools to heal through a holistic approach.

The time has come to stop existing and start living for YOU.

WHY LEAD Conference Canada 2023?  

You no longer need to travel to another country to have a life-transforming personal growth experience.


No need to pay the big exchange rate, take extended time off work, book international flights, no customs to clear, major childcare arrangements to make, or reason to be away from home for a prolonged period of time.

We are bringing world-class speakers to you!

Our vision from the first day was to make this kind of personal growth and development experience accessible and affordable for Canadians, which we believe we have done.


In theory, you can make friends and align with an accountability partner from distance, but there is nothing like having someone nearby that will continue to support and encourage you to show up for yourself and your goals- by joining us at LEAD Conference Canada, you will connect with people who are positive and inspiring but also local to you.


You can come alone, but won't feel alone.

We have a team ready to greet you and designated spaces for people to meet and connect!

Attend with friends, coworkers, your partner, sister, mom, daughter, son, neighbour... (you get the point)!

Share the experience with a group of 4 and get in on the group special pricing!

Come as you are, where you are at, we will meet you there. 
This is no ordinary sit back and take it all in seminar.

This is an interactive and high energy event!

Get ready to- laugh, cry, and dance!

(yes, the music will be loud)

This may be out of your comfort zone-
That's where all the good stuff happens!
Be up on your feet applauding the speakers when they courageously share their stories.

Immerse yourself in learning and actively take notes.
Relax into deep reflection.

Get ready to have some fun! This is going to be a good time and an experience you will
remember forever.
Lead Conference Canada 2023

When you think about someone who inspires you, you likely think of someone who found the courage and strength to LEAD by example. 

the odds. 
Despite their circumstances.
Despite where they come from.
The most inspirational people choose to learn, grow and evolve. It is through their actions we become empowered to believe that if they can do it- we can do it too.


At LEAD Conference Canada 2023, you will learn through the stories of others. Real people who are just like you. Although their circumstances, backgrounds and story will differ from yours, you will connect to the heart of the message seeing your way forward isn’t so different after all. Throughout the two days you will be taken on a journey that will help you heal your past, embrace your present and believe in your future. It all begins within…
Real people. Real stories. Real inspiration.

Meet our Inspirational Speakers


Business Manager | Lifelong Student of Personal Development 

Change Your Mind to Change Your Life 


CEO Surepoint | Addiction to Poetry | Founder Someday to Today Initiative

Turn Your Struggles Into Strengths


Best Selling Author | Public Speaker | CAO in Local Government

Embracing Growth & Evolving


Indigenous Entrepreneur | Educator with 20+ Years of Crafting Meaningful Impact

When Two Worlds Intersect: Finding Your Path

Have you settled for less than you want (and deserve)? 

Many of you have put your hopes, dreams, and desires on hold because "reality' told you that you had to. You may have bought into the idea that whatever you want isn't possible for you, or because you have so many responsibilities to keep up with, you keep moving yourself to the bottom of the priority list. Maybe you don't even know what you want or who you are anymore.
It may be difficult for you to prioritize yourself and your needs, or perhaps investing in yourself seems frivolous. 
But here is the REAL "reality"... 

You can’t give what you don’t have.


By investing in yourself you are making an investment in everyone around you, because when you feel good, your energy will spill over into every part of your life. LEAD yourself first and then you can lead in your home, career, and community.
Yes, there is always somewhere else the money could go, but as Warren Buffet (one of the wealthiest men in the world said) the best investment you will ever make is in yourself. The return is priceless.


Give yourself permission to live a full and abundant life! 

Join us for an incredible two days of connection, motivation, and inspiration!


Are you ready to take the LEAD on your life? 

You may have gone looking for answers outside yourself- but that isn't where the answers are. 
The answers you seek aren't out there- they are deep within you. 

If you are seeking direction, adventure, or another level of you, this is the place to discover it.


LEAD Conference Canada 2023 is launching in central Canada!

TCU Place Theater 

35 - 22nd Street East Saskatoon, SK. 


When you purchase your ticket you are purchasing within a section, not a specific seat in that section. At registration, each attendee will get a LEAD Conference colored wristband that designates which section they are to be seated in. THIS WRISTBAND MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES TO GET ACCESS TO THE THEATER AND YOU MUST SIT WITHIN THE SECTION YOUR TICKET WAS PURCHASED IN.
We will open the doors filling the front of the room to the back with ushers/ volunteers only allowing guests into the section that they have purchased tickets in and with the appropriate colored wristband.
*** We encourage early arrival for those enthusiastic to sit in the front seats of the section and are asking everyone to be courteous and not to save seats for others. This is a first come, first seated opportunity, however, there is a seat for every person who purchased within that section. 


EARLY BIRD MAIN FLOOR FRONT SECTION SEATING- This is its own section as will have a logoed specific-colored wristband. This section is closest to the stage after VIP seats and are being offered at the lowest price for those who act early. Row D to Q which is 501 seats. These seats would be sold at the lowest price $399 plus tax and applicable charges. After these rows are full the price increases to $499 and you will be seated in the back section of the main floor. Row R to Z.



The Early Bird (main floor front section seats at $100 off) are 97% SOLD OUT!!



Early Bird Main Floor Front Section Seating for 1 Person



(first 500 main floor front section)



(after 500 will be seated in main floor back section) 

Individual ticket plus surcharge, applicable taxes and card fees  gggggggggggggggggggggg ggggggggggggggggggggg 

   Access to both days of LEAD Conference 2023 for 1 person

First entry into the theater after VIP

Rush main floor front seating between rows D-Q

LEAD Conference signature bag with program

 Classic boxed lunch on Saturday






Better with Friends Group of 4 Bundle


(early bird section main floor front- claim this price and section by being one of the first 500 registered) 


(after the first 500 seats are sold- seated in main floor back section)


4 tickets in the same section, bought together. Plus applicable tax and charges. 



  Access to both days of LEAD Conference for 4 registered guests

First entry into the theater after VIP

 Rush main floor front seating between rows D-Q

 LEAD Conference signature bag with program

 Classic boxed lunch on Saturday 





VIP Preferred Seating with Swag & Backstage Photo Opps for 1 Person 



(seated in rows 1- 3 main floor front) 

Plus surcharge, applicable taxes, and card fees ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg


 Access to both days of LEAD Conference 2023 in VIP section for 1 person

 Exclusive VIP registration

 First entry into the theater

 Reserved, preferred seating in ROW A-C

 VIP swag bag valued $300+ and conference program

 Designated time for a backstage photo opportunity with the Conference Host Corliss, Kristina Kuzmic, and Jack Canfield

 Classic boxed lunch on Saturday  





Me + 3 VIP - Preferred Seating for 4 People with Swag & Backstage Photo Opps



(seated in rows 1-3 main floor front) 

Plus surcharge, applicable taxes, and card fees gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

 Access to both days of LEAD Conference 2023 in the VIP section for 4 people

 Exclusive VIP registration

 First entry into the theater

 Reserved, preferred seating in ROW A-C

 VIP swag bag valued $300+ and conference program

 Designated time for a backstage photo opportunity with the Conference Host Corliss, Kristina Kuzmic, and Jack Canfield

 Classic boxed lunch on Saturday   



Large Group of 8 Bundle


(section main floor back)

8 tickets in the same main floor section, bought together. Plus applicable tax and charges.   

  Access to both days of the LEAD Conference for 8 registered guests

 Rush main floor back section seating between rows Q-Z 

 LEAD Conference signature bag with program

 Boxed lunch on Saturday

What does this mean?
The conference agenda is designed with a flow and process. To ensure the experience is positive for every guest, we will close the doors promptly when the program begins and ask guests to remain in their seats (unless its an emergency) until a break or the program ends. With no center aisle in the theater, people moving into and out of seats disturbs other guests so we are asking for consideration that if you feel you can not remain in your seat during the program to choose an end seat. With the goal of our program beginning and ending on time, vendor shopping will be closed at the designated times (approx. 15 minutes before the doors open)

What does this mean?
When you purchase your ticket, you are purchasing your ticket within a section, but not an actual seat. At registration you will receive a colored wristband that, along with your ticket, will give you access to enter the theater, but also will indicate which door you enter and what section you are permitted to choose a seat in. DO NOT remove your wristband from check-in until the end of the conference as replacements will NOT be provided. We have the exact number of seats sold for each section and therefore can not offer any changes or replacements. Which door you enter will be clearly indicated with signs and we recommend you arrive early to choose a seat you like and maybe with the friends you bring along with you too..
The Hilton Garden Inn Saskatoon Downtown is so excited to have been selected as the host hotel for the LEAD Conference Canada 2023! We can't wait to have you experience all our hotel has to offer. All guestrooms have been recently renovated and are ready for you to enjoy. We are located right across from TCU Place and Midtown Plaza shopping mall, as well as in close proximity to the river, museums, the downtown food scene, and the Scotiabank theatre, making us a prime location for the conference and entertainment for your free time! As a guest with us, you will also get access to our pool, hot tub, fitness center, and 2nd-floor patio at no additional charge.
To book a reservation, please call the hotel at (306) 244-2311 or email [email protected]. You will need to provide the booking code LEAD23 in order to access the special rates for the conference. You can choose between a single king room or a double queen room for $149+tax per night. We offer parking at a discounted rate of $13.95+tax per day, with come-and-go privileges. The last day to book your rooms at the conference rate is October 3, 2023. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the hotel; we will be happy to assist you!

You were born to shine- but sometimes things happen that dim your inner light

- let's get that fire burning again!

Just like a candle loses nothing by lighting another, LEAD Conference Canada is a chance to ignite your life- and when you shine, you give others permission to do the same. 



The short answer is anyone who wants to ignite their life. 
The diverse speaker lineup offers a wide variety of support and education for every person attending. Personal growth and development is a lifelong journey- it is not for just when you are struggling. Building your "mental muscles", learning from others, and expanding your vision are positive practices at any time in your life. No matter your background, circumstances, or goals for the future, our program is designed to positively impact every person in the room.

Come with an open heart and an open mind. 

Some of the material and stories may trigger difficult memories or emotions. Please seek professional support and join us at your own risk.

It all began in 2017...

Just like you, we are evolving.


The original LEAD Conference was geared toward women, was held in a local banquet space, featured local-only speakers, and had 138 people attend. Now, we have secured what we feel is the best venue in the province and are expecting more than 2,000 people to attend making this the largest empowerment conference in Saskatchewan- and perhaps even Canada. We have engaged speakers who align with our mission to make a difference- three of whom are known globally.
Although the conference is taking on a whole new level, and will look different in 2023 than it did when it began, the purpose of why we are doing this hasn't changed at all. After years of being disconnected through the pandemic, our why is stronger than ever.


  • To bring positive, motivated, and like-minded people together to share. 
  • To fill the room with energy and passion to ignite everyone with more joy and inspiration. 
  • To create a positive and encouraging space for people to grow.
  • To inspire you with tools and inspiration to be, do, and have anything you want in life. 
  • To arm every person with the training and "how to" support to become a leader in their own lives.

You will leave feeling like you can do anything and with the tools to make it happen! 




Event Sponsorship Opportunity 

If you feel you align with the mission of LEAD Conference Canada, check out our sponsorship opportunities. 
Download the sponsorship package