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Effective Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur's complete guide to start, grow and sustain their business.

For the purpose of this program, let’s clarify who this is for: 

If you are selling a product or service direct to a customer, this course will help you grow your business. 

Within this course you will learn from Corliss directly her “secrets” to growing a multi-million-dollar direct sales business while working from home raising her three children. 


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What you will learn: 


Principle One- Purpose 

Within this training you will become connected to why you are doing your business and who you are doing it for. With purpose you will find motivation, and this is the first secret of success. 

Principle Two- Develop Relationships 

No matter the business you are in or what you are selling, there is always people behind the sale. By developing a relationship, you will create loyal customers who will organically grow your business.  

Principle Three- Communication 

Effective communication is the key to all successful relationships, including your business relationships. In this portion of the course you will learn how to communicate effectively and market  your business.  

Principle Four- Follow Through 

What will separate you from the competition? How you follow through. In this section you will learn how to strategically follow through to create happy, loyal customers. 

Principle Five- Structure 

Building a business from home is a wonderful privilege to but it also comes with its own set of challenges in balancing home, family, and your career. Within this principle you will learn how to create a structure for success!   


Do you want to grow your business but get distracted by all the things going on around you at home? 

Are you desperately wanting to succeed but struggling with belief in yourself? 

Are missing clarity about WHY you want your business to succeed and the purpose to why you are doing this?  

Do you need to know how to get and keep customers to grow your business?   

Are you lacking clarity and focus about what you want and how to get it? 

If you said yes to any of these questions, the Effective Entrepreneur will help you. 

Program comes complete with 15 short, powerful training videos and supporting worksheets to grow your direct sales business. 

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