Are you trying to find clarity, focus and motivation? 

With all the chaos in our world and the challenges of our time, you may feel overwhelmed or defeated and be searching for direction or something that inspires you. You are not alone. That is how a lot of my coaching clients have felt at some point.    


Do you desperately want to break the pattern of autopilot and live with purpose and intention?  At the end of the day are you wondering if this all there is to you? 

Many of my clients feel they have “lost” themselves between long to-do lists, caring for others and balancing their careers and families. Before they know it, weeks, months, and even years have flown by and they aren’t fulfilled. If you are looking for more and want to change things up and breakthrough boredom, you are aligned with the other women who join the coaching community. 


Maybe you have gone through a difficult life experience and are trying to find your way? 

Life never goes exactly as planned and is bound to throw you some curve balls. Many of the women I work with have suffered loss, divorce or trauma and are looking to recover from their own personal tragedies. Others are adjusting to their children leaving home, challenges with relationships or aging parents. With the right tools, coaching, and community support they rise above and become better from the experience. 


Perhaps your want to define your goals and find the confidence to pursue them? 

Many of the women I coach aren’t sure how to set a goal and wonder if it was possible to achieve it, even if they had one. If you are looking to believe in yourself and move forward towards the life you envision, my coaching process can help you get there.  


Would you like to breakthrough your patterns of self-destruction? 

We all have things that hold us back from living the life we want. Through the coaching process my clients have been able to push past their fears, create healthy habits and reprogram their thinking to one that serves them.  


Do you want a better understanding of yourself? 

Personal growth is a billion-dollar industry because most people have a desire to understand why they feel the way they do and learn more about themselves. As a coach I have witnessed a consistency between my clients; they are committed to growth and are motivated to become the best version of themselves. Perhaps that is you too.  


Are you looking for a community of positive, inspiring women to belong to? 

Those who invest in themselves show up in the world a different way. They commonly believe in support, positivity, and personal growth. Our community is filled with people dedicated to being their best, leading their lives, and making a difference by living with purpose. We recognize our value and make our lives matter by supporting each other in being all we can be.


Do you want more fun, adventure, and excitement in your life? 

Many of my clients are looking to reinvent their lives and inject more joy, meaning, and fulfillment into it. They are searching for how to do that and in most cases their creativity is inspired by the stories of the other women in the Corliss Co. community. Perhaps you will be one of them too. 


If said yes to any of these questions, I believe I can help you. Visit the different coaching programs I offer and let’s get you leading your life again.

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