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The Best You 21-day personal growth challenge is designed to help you step into your personal power to be all you can be!


With the purchase of this program, you will receive lifetime access to The Best You 21-day Personal Growth Challenge without waiting for a new challenge to begin. 

This is personal development on demand! 

You can access the video training when you want, in the order you choose, and as many times as you want to watch.  Repeat the challenge as you journey through life to enrich your life experience. 

This is your life… make it the best it can be! 


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Day 1 to 7

Embracing the Past 

For the first 7 days, we will focus on understanding where you come from and reframe your past by embracing the journey you have been on. You will gain an understanding of yourself and identify where your power is. This week will help you create lasting change through self-love and acceptance, embracing your value, and celebrating yourself for who you are. You will shift your mindset, focus your energy, and develop a better understanding of yourself, and learn practical tools to move forward in your life.


Day 8 to 14

Living In the Moment 

For the next 7 days, we will focus your energy on living in the moment because this day is what you have. You will have a powerful shift in perspective and be guided throughout the week to release your worries, own your story, embrace your blessings, and find the joy in life. 

With this new awareness and knowledge of yourself, you will be inspired to let go of what holds you back from being the best you and align yourself with the abundant flow and energy of living in the present.


Day 14 to 21

Leading Into the Future

Throughout the process of the last 7 days, we will focus on igniting your life with purpose and passion! We will explore possibilities, spark your creativity, and help you become empowered by choice. You will learn how to change your own story, plan for your future, and become inspired to courageously take charge of your life. 

In this final week, you will step into your confidence to move towards the life you envision. Step by step, you will be guided to a new understanding of yourself to access your personal power and become the best you can be. 


Become The Best You!


Introductory special. 

Buy NOW: $199

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What's Included? 


  • Lifetime access to the entire challenge including 21-days of video content, on demand. 


  • A printable journal with guided journal prompts to walk you through the 21-day process and reflections. 


  • Inspirational stories, practical training, insightful coaching questions, and powerful examples to help you become The Best You.  


Don’t settle for less than you deserve… take back your power by changing what you do control, YOU!


What Else Can You Expect? 


  • In support of your 21-day journey, you will also get access to the printable Best You journal. This journal supports the video training and will guide you through the suggested thought, decision, and action step for each day. 


  • You will be invited to join The Best You Facebook community where you will receive support, encouragement, and ideas inspired through the sharing of stories. This community is positive and uplifting and being involved will help you become The Best You!  


  • This is a personal development program you can work at your own pace and repeat as your life changes and evolve. The lessons are timeless and offer wisdom that will evolve as you do. With each lesson you will have the opportunity to grow through self-refection, celebrate your progress and journal your thoughts to gain a deeper understanding.


Do this for you!

Introductory special. 

Buy NOW: $199

Put the focus back on you... you deserve it!


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 Purchase both the Power of You AND The Best You 21-day Personal Growth Challenges for $349.00 

This gives you full access for life to the 42 video training sessions on demand.  

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