I recently had the opportunity to take a Masters class with Corliss. I went into the four evenings with an open mind and ready to learn but it far surpassed any expectations. The process of creating a life purpose statement and goals and then looking at a mind shift and getting rid of stinkin thinkin reminded me that I am in charge of my choices and can accomplish what I put my mind to. Corliss led this class with authenticity and clarity and I highly recommend it.
— Janice Stone, Toronto, Ontario

I recently went through Corliss’ Masterclass and would highly recommend it. Corliss is upbeat, open & full of wisdom. Her course is thought provoking, opened my eyes to numerous things I hadn’t realized before & brought a new level of passion & excitement into my life.
Whether you are feeling stuck, love self growth or need clarification on your purpose - this class will open your eyes and heart to seeing your life in a new way. I highly recommend for anyone that knows there is more they want to do with their life and calling, more they want to learn and accomplish!
— Kymber Williams, Colorado Springs, Denver USA

I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking to uplevel their life, and begin to find their purpose. I have been fortunate in my life to work with Corliss several times and this program, her commitment to excellence and her contagious and infectious energy are all game changers. There is something about being in the presence of confidence and intentional living that can’t help but inspire you to dig deep and find your own purpose just so you can experience what she is living. This program will open your eyes to your role and responsibility in your life, it will shed light on the self perceived road blocks you are faced with and will provide you with tangible ways of removing said blocks. Absolutely a must for anyone looking to live a passion and purpose filled life!
— Tanessa Holt, Nova Scotia

I do a lot of personal development and was blown away by the depth of the training and the quality of the speakers! It was a FULL day, with many laughs and even some tears. Corliss is amazing, warm hearted and so very personable. The team she has built is also all of those things. I can’t wait for future trainings from her. Corliss, I’ll drive 8hrs round trip anyday for your courses!
— Jess Yablonski

I had the privilege to attend the Lead Your Life conference and also host a private vision board workshop. I highly recommend both but especially loved the vision board class. There was a wide range of ages and life experiences at the vision board class and Corliss was able to provide each person the right guidance and insight they needed to focus on their goals. From the feedback I received from the teens to the adults at the class everyone had such a positive experience. I feel Corliss has something to offer for everyone no matter what stage of life you are in.
— Jennifer Michell Saretzky

I feel so lucky to have attended the Lead your Life Conference this past weekend. Corliss put on such a powerful day that impacted everyone in one way or another. I left on Sunday feeling inspired and very motivated to live my life with purpose. It was such an uplifting and positive filled day that has carried on. If you ever get a chance to be a part of anything that Corliss - With Purpose Consulting is hosting DO IT!!!!! It will change your life.
— Jodie Gordon

Tomorrow is our 4th and final class in our Lead Your Life Masterclass. I am so incredible grateful for this class, my new friends, and to a Corliss for her guidance and infectious spirit. 10 women who support and encourage each other to identify their Life’s Purpose. Within this group, we have found trust in each other to expose the vulnerabilities we have. We have shared our strengths, and weaknesses, and we have learned to cherish the gifts we can share with the world. We have identified our beliefs, and barriers, that hold us back from achieving all that is possible. Within this circle of trust, we have encouraged each other to visualize and achieve our goals. The philosophy is that if you can vision it, you can achieve it. Powerful women, and the words of wisdom they offer, is life changing and truly amazing. I look forward to continuing my development and learning, with Corliss as my coach, as I Lead My Life! Burn The Boat!
— Shelley Gordon

This woman is a powerhouse of vision and positive energy! She is genuine and honest, and truly invested in helping others find their own happiness and success. The vision board workshop I recently attended helped me to realize that what I THOUGHT was important isn’t what I actually NEED in my life right now. First Vision Board done. Thank you, Corliss. I get it now!
— Laura Joa

After the Lead Your Life Conference, it took me a little while to absorb but when I did it was very powerful. I felt empowered again. Something I felt I lost. I was on auto pilot, I needed to redefine my own purpose, and I had to burn the boat. WOW what a lifechanging experience and feeling. Corliss is very passionate in what she is doing. She is a very compassionate, professional, and real women :) attending is the best investment anyone can give themselves:) Thank you Corliss 5 stars and thanks for taking the time and following up!
— Colette Humphreys McDermott

Last night I attended a Vision Board Class in Saskatoon and I am so grateful for Corliss putting on this event and for the ladies who attended. I am so blessed to have known Corliss my whole life, and I may sound biased because she is my cousin (but more like a sister) but I can say with all of my heart if I had walked into the class and was meeting her for the first time, her warm, caring and positive energy is magnetic! Corliss is so relatable. It means so much nowadays that people can connect with others by just being “real”. Sharing not only your successes, but your failures too. Sharing what’s worked, and what hasn’t. That you can have good days, and bad ones too and that it is ok. You are human. She helped guide and channel us as we were looking through the pages to find what spoke to us, and as we all were working away, we shared stories about our lives and current situations. It was empowering meeting other women, all on their own journeys of self discovery and relating to them in more ways than one. Once we created our boards, we got to share what it meant to us and I am so proud to hang this in my home and watch my dreams come true! This was the best way to spend my Friday night! Thank you Corliss!
— Jolene Abramyk

Corliss, I took awhile to write this thank you to you, as I didn’t realize how hard this experience would be to put down on paper. For most of my life, I had been fortunate enough to understand that leading your life with purpose, utilizing affirmations and visualization (vision boards) are very powerful tools and truly do impact the outcomes in your life. I really thought I had it all figured out until I came to a point in my life where my entire world began crashing down around me, and no matter how I seemed to think or what I possibly did, my life began to spiral in a very undesirable direction. I was the type of person who thought they could get through anything with just a little hard work and the support of friends and family. When our paths crossed again and you told me about what your intentions were with your new business, to try and help people find their purpose, I thought, wow… that’s awesome, but I know all about this stuff and I will attend her Lead Your Life workshop to support Corliss with her new business, but I likely don’t need too much guidance. I had run successful businesses, I had a pretty good relationship and family life, I just got to get past these few bumps in the road of life. The next 4 weeks I spent with you and the lead your life girls were an experience that I have a hard time to put down into words. I discovered the most amazing ladies, gained huge insight on what I thought I already knew and began a new journey that truly was the start of my life-changing mission. Every individual in our group brought forth unique insight and were totally inspiring with all their own personal challenges and advice. Thanks to you Corliss, for bringing us together, when most of us did not even realize that we needed to meet. You provided us with the tools and support to get through each of our personal challenges and goals. Your workshops are definitely NOT just for those people who are struggling and down and out in some area of their life, they are designed for anyone that wants to step it up to the next level at any stage of life. Thanks again Corliss for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this journey. I will never forget it. xo
— Taryn Svenson

I have known Corliss personally for over 6 years and just being in her presence is so inspiring! Her positive and genuine energy is so contagious and she makes you feel like you can do anything! Now that she has started her motivation and consulting business I am so grateful to have had the chance to be a part of her classes and looking forward to attending her vision board workshop! I also have to share how valuable, insightful, clarifying and moving my classes with Corliss Ratti #withpurpose Lead Your Life classes have been so far! I am so happy that I made the choice to commit myself to her 6 week classes that have made such an impact on my life! Taking the time for myself out of my busy schedule is something I don’t always remember to do and using that time for self development with someone as inspiring and positive as Corliss has been the best investment! I highly recommend her classes, workshops and all of her services to everyone!
— Erin Nicole

I was first introduced to Corliss several years ago through mutual friends. I could tell that she was a special person because she has this amazing energy and lights up any room she is in. Fast forward to last month when I was invited to her vision board workshop. It was simply amazing and inspiring. The stories of her own personal experience using her vision boards that she has created through the years is craaaazy!! #ManifestingQueen I am already seeing the results of my vision board and it’s only been a month!! During the class, Corliss mentioned that she was putting on a series of classes for women called, “Lead Your Life.” I am so grateful that I joined because the impact it has already had on my life is unexplainable. We are breaking down our limiting beliefs and turning them into actions and results. It is a safe place to share and to feel the vulnerability we feel as women and use it to empower us. Corliss always has excellent advice and knows the right things to say. This class is free of judgement and all fears take a backseat because of the safe environment. The network of women in this class is phenomenal and we all learn something from each other. I will be sad when it is over but always grateful that I joined her class. Thank you Corliss and all of our amazing tribe of women in this first empowerment class.
— Stacey Debray

I was fortunate enough to attend my first vision board workshop with Corliss and a room filled with amazing women. I had no idea what was involved and to be honest was a bit nervous. Corliss made me feel welcome and at ease, she shared her own life experiences and how the vision boards have helped her. I know that vision boards will be a part of my life and I already have plans to share this gift with my kids, friends and family. I recommend it to everyone.
— Sandra Faye Zelensky

I have had the pleasure of knowing Corliss for 15 years. She had always been a driven, inspirational, empowering, and motivational woman but she just gets more and more amazing as she gains personal experience. Professionally she has been a inspiration to so many people as a successful business woman and everywhere she goes. I was fortunate enough to attend one of her vision board events recently and it has again ignited passions in me. Thank you so much Corliss for the workshop and for the your positive presence in our lives.
— Terri Monette Orr

I had the opportunity to attend my first vision board workshop this winter and I was not sure what to expect. In fact, thought perhaps I was too old to start this. However, this was not the case. I realized that this was the perfect time in my life. Time to focus on myself and what I vision for today and the future. Corliss has a natural and spirited delivery that is sure not to disappoint. It is obvious how passionate she is about wanting to share her message. I would definitely recommend this to any woman young and old....It helps ignite the fire again. Thank you for sharing your journey and walking with others as we learn to live with purpose!! Thank you Corliss.
— Trina Usselman

I recently attended a vision board workshop and it was inspiring. What I really enjoyed about the day is Corliss’s amazing life journey and how she is so positive. She taught us how to make a vision board and make it work for you. What I liked best is how she initially didn’t believe in a vision board to such an advocate for on, is simply amazing. If your not interested in her vision board workshops stay tuned for other workshops it classes. You won’t regret it even if it is just getting to know Corliss and her story you will be truly inspired. I personally can not wait for more workshops coming in the future.
— Rhonda Schaan

I recently attended a workshop with Corliss and came away with a new sense of purpose and motivation. Her ease at telling her own success story deeply inspired me to Dream Bigger and understand that I can and will manifest my deepest potential to make those dreams a reality. Thank You Corliss, I am truly grateful. I look forward to the opportunity to attend many more workshops with you. You truly are an inspiration.xoxo
— Shannon Kelly

The Vision Board Workshop was great! I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I signed up! Once I had arrived at the event it was such a great atmosphere in the room. Corliss made you feel so welcomed. It was a great experience to hear Corliss stories and how she believed in doing a vision board. She had a lot of inspirational quotes which I loved ! Just listening to Corliss speak made you feel like you can do anything! The vision board is Unique, you make it about your dreams and goals and realize the things you want in your life, Corliss helps you understand that everyone deserves greatness! If you’ve never done a Vision Board, do it!
— Kayla Princess Addison
Finally I was able to attend a vision board workshop and I loved it ! A bit out of my comfort zone but I felt very comfortable and supported . Was such an amazing experience .
— Tara Phaneuf
I would rate Corliss a 10 if there were more stars. I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with her beautiful spirit in the direct sales world. Corliss was someone who I admired from day one. She is genuine, kind, and has such a big heart. She has a fierce love to want to help others, and for anyone who is lucky enough to cross paths with her you WILL feel this from her immediately. I would strongly recommend taking part in anything that she is offering, you will not be sorry you did. You will be inspired, you will grow and you will gain a friend in the process
— Deena Kruger
I recently was fortunate to be gifted by a dear friend, a vision board workshop with Corliss. I have to admit...I initially struggled personally with the whole idea. However, after hearing Corliss share her inspiring story, as well as hearing others share a bit of their stories, I then became excited! Corliss provided a relaxing atmosphere along with gentle guidance. I felt safe and comfortable to really get creative with what I wanted to include on my board. I had a blast, and am so excited to see how my board will have an affect on my future! Everyone needs to do a vision board with Corliss!
— Shelly Dengler
I have attended both the vision board workshop and the Lead Your Life classes and am so happy that I took the leap and invested in myself. I have gained so much from each of these experiences that I can’t put it into words- life changing! As well, the continued support from Corliss, and the group as a whole, has been absolutely tremendous! I did not realize that I would gain so much, and so many friends by attending the classes. 
— Tammy Froats