Your Thoughts Determine Your Results

I’m on a mission to help others live better. I have wanted to do this for a while, and in some ways I think I was, but I have stepped it up lately. I founded my own Company called With Purpose Consulting & Motivation. Instead of doubting my abilities and what I have to offer others, I have chosen to replace my negative thoughts of “do people really want to learn from me?” to “I have a message to share that can change someone’s life, and I am NOT going to keep it to myself any longer”

I have purpose now. I feel alive and excited! I want to help others feel like this by finding purpose in their everyday lives.

This vision has me so inspired that ideas and thoughts are literally flooding in. A blog seems like an appropriate way to share these ideas on a continual basis. Thank you for reading and following. Sincerely.

In considering where to begin, I have decided the best place to start is where our day to day lives actually begin. With our thoughts. I sincerely believe we CAUSE our own reality with how we think. And if we don’t like our own lives, then we have the opportunity to change it by thinking something different.

Allow me to explain.

We think a thought. That thought causes a feeling. The feeling determines the action we take. The actions we take cause our results.

So is it true that what we think causes our results? I believe so. Most times we aren’t even aware of what is actually going on in our heads at any given moment.

Here is an example to consider:

A person isn’t happy in their current job. They force themselves to go to work each day. Feel no excitement about what they are doing and have lost purpose (meaning) for why they chose this career in the first place. So one day they decide to look at other job postings (thought). They get excited when they see a job posting that suits them well. It offers a challenge, flexibility and the pay is great. It’s perfect! Exactly what they would want to do all day.  This is exciting, yet hard to believe that the ideal job opportunity was posted at just the right time (feeling). With this new found optimism they apply for the job (action). This person gets the interview, and now is being paid to do what they love! (result)

Is this believable? Sure it is…

Look at it another way.

A person isn’t happy in their current job. They force themselves to go to work each day. They are trapped (feeling) because its to late in life to change careers. There is a mortgage, kids in university etc etc. They go to work everyday feeling defeated, but motivated, by the stress of heavy responsibility (feeling). At the end of the day there is no energy left to look at job postings to discover anything else. So this person stays in the same job position until they finally get the retirement package they have been hanging on for (result).

Your dominant thought wins every time. If life isn’t going as you want it to… in any given area of your life… check your thoughts first.