Dear God, am I doing this right?

Aug 05, 2022
A heartfelt message to God blog post


Dear God, am I doing this right?


Sometimes I wonder if I am doing a good job. Am I fulfilling the purpose you intended for me? In all my humanness, I wonder. Even the simple fact I don’t know if I should be writing to God or The Universe is a clear indicator that I am imperfect.


Am I a good mother, even when I get upset or give the wrong guidance?

Am I still a good person if I don’t give appreciation as much as I should?

Am I doing work that is important and using the skills and talents you blessed me with adequately?

Am I deserving of all the things I have?

What if I feel jealous or resentful at times? Do I deserve to be forgiven for my thinking...

What if I forget to pray, don’t volunteer enough, or have a bad week, am I still worthy of believing I am a good person? I get so many things wrong.


Something tells me that your answer to all these questions would be yes.

Something tells me because I am doing my best, you are proud of me, and I should be proud of myself.

Something tells me that I should love myself as you love me.


So, today, I pray for your guidance as I repeat the prayer I wrote with my children when they were small.


Dear God,

Help me to be like you in everything I do.