Social Media Lesson

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Social Media Lesson:

(Why I am doing a Facebook cleanse)
I learned something at a training class a few months ago. I think it's valuable to share. And you should SHARE it too!

True story:

We had a great morning of training and just before lunch the facilitator stood at the front of the room and asked if anyone had any questions before the break.
A woman at the back spoke up loudly with her question and the facilitator ignored her. We were all wondering if he didn't hear her, and she must have wondered as well, because a few minutes later she asked the question again. This time even louder.

I was starting to wonder what was wrong with this guy as he kept training and didn't even acknowledge her. There was no way he didn't hear her...

Then he stopped mid-sentence and asked:
"Did anyone notice what happened here?"
Of course we all nodded.
I answered on behalf of the group that it "seemed strange someone was talking to you and you didn't answer back."

I seemed to have the perfect answer as he started clapping his hands and said "well done!"
He went on to explain...

In live situations like we have today, you would never ignore or completely disregard someone taking to you. Yet, we do it all the time on social media channels.

This is called SOCIAL media, which means its social. And just like you would never listen to a person and ignore them in a live social setting, you should participate in the conversation through your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Social media can encourage relationships... but not if the conversation is one-sided. Who wants to be friends with someone who doesn't talk back in real life? That would be ridiculous. Well social media is the same. Even quiet people who don't much like to talk can at least click a "like" button of really get extreme and react bigger!

If you don't want to be social with someone, don't be their "friend."

As the facilitator suggested, we can use social media to encourage relationships and ALL good relationships have communication.

I’ve had people come up to me in grocery stores (and other places) saying “I love your posts” or “you are so inspiring” yet they have never once commented or reacted to anything I’ve “said” on social media. How would I know that this social relationship brings them value, and why would I keep them in my life if they never tell me??? Seriously. Good relationships are not one-sided.

Let's learn to keep communication strong in the 21st century even though our methods have changed and we don't have to be face to face anymore.

Just as you wouldn't keep a friend who constantly ignored you in real life, or used information they heard to talk behind your back, you shouldn't worry about keeping friends who do the same, but hide it behind a screen.

Food for thought this Monday morning!
Your communication is encouraged... as long as its positive... because I also recommend you don't keep negative people around in any forum 🙂

Did this bring you value?
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