There will always be...


There will always be...

A little bit of self doubt.
Some fear,
And people who think you can’t.

Go for it anyway.

The doubt will fade with each small achievement.
So will the fear.
The best way to change opinions, is to show them you can.

True story:
When I was starting my Company, I went to meet with an organization who supports entrepreneurship. I shared my vision with unwavering enthusiasm.
I was so excited and optimistic.
As I explained each detail of what I wanted to do, my passion grew. I really believed I could make a positive and significant difference in the world by writing a book, being an inspiration speaker and coaching others by using my experience and knowledge.

And then it happened...
She told me that my field was “tough” and that there are “so many people coming out of the woodwork trying to make it as a coach” that I should “be realistic”.

I felt my heart hit the floor. 💔
In that moment I almost got a tear.
I mean, this person knows a lot as she supports entrepreneurs as a career.
Maybe she was right?
And then I realized...
if that’s how she supports I think I should get support elsewhere. 💡

She reminded me who I don’t want to be for others. I’ve come to understand people share those opinions based on their own beliefs, and it’s optional to accept it as your truth.

I believe you can create anything you decide and have the potential to do so. 👊🏼

You get to choose...

Who you want to be.
What you think, and what you do.
You create your life.

Be a leader.
Step up.
Show up.
Give your best.

Make your dreams happen!
I believe in you.

❤️ Corliss