A Story of Determination

I’ve learned many things from my parents. They taught me to value family first, have faith and to work hard.

I’m grateful for my humble beginnings on the farm.

As much as a admired other kids for all the vacations they got to take, designer clothes they got to wear and the cars they got to drive... looking back now I know I was gifted with something far more special than money could buy.

There were many times the weather didn’t cooperate, machinery broke down or the plants didn’t grow... but without knowing, I learned everything I needed to succeed as an entrepreneur from watching my parents determination.

You see...

Farmers put the seed in the ground then invest many hours of hard work and massive amounts of money hoping the seed will grow. They remain determined even though they don’t get to paid. As a matter of fact, they spend more than they make holding onto hope that the investment will be worth it.

That’s what being a leader is.

They believe and stay determined.
They have vision and work towards it.. even before there is something to see.
They have faith that effort is always rewarded.

• Leaders never quit •

If you are an entrepreneur, like me, and feel like you are investing so much and haven’t been able to reap the rewards yet..

Remember the lesson I learned from my parents.

You can’t have harvest without putting the seed in the ground and nurturing it to grow.

Keep believing.
Stay determined.
Do your best.

Your “harvest” will come.
Xx Corliss