Get prepared...

Ever wish you could have a redo? A chance to do it over...
I have, many times.

I got to meet my hero.

* A lesson in preparation *

A hero is defined as "a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities"

Tony Robbins is definitely a hero to me. I dreamt of meeting him. This was a huge moment for me.
And guess what happened?
I choked!

Seriously, I choked.

I am always looking for ways to grow and learn from the best. When the Power of Success Conference notice came into my inbox, and Tony was speaking, I was anxious to reserve my seat.
Acting quickly gave me the opportunity to purchase platinum tickets to meet Tony and have my photo taken with him.
I couldn't wait, this was a HUGE for me and I couldn't wait for the day to arrive.
Being in row 3, there were many times he was standing right in front of me and I could have sworn he locked eyes with me a couple times...
I honestly wondered if I was imagining it, then noticed he looked directly at other people as well so figured it must be in my head.

At the end of the event we lined up for our chance to take the photo. I was lucky #13 which was close enough to the front to hear the clear instructions to not start conversation with him as they needed to keep things moving.

I was so excited. You have to understand, this was big for me. I have been a big work in progress my whole life going from a little girl on the farm with no dreams to a devastated single mom after divorce trying to rebuild my life again. But, I have a big commitment to be my best self, and live without regret, so I have read hundreds of books on personal leadership, attended seminar after seminar and listened to podcasts faithfully for as long as I can remember. Tony was the voice in my head.

And suddenly he was standing in front of me.

I think someone guided me towards him because I froze. And almost instantly he started a conversation with me.

He asked "have we met before?"
I quietly replied "yes"
Instantly I started wondering why I said that...
Because we hadn't.
As I was debating recovering from that, he said "you look familiar, where have we met?"
Luckily at this moment I at least said "you changed my life"
The photographer stepped in to take the photo and afterward I said "actually, you helped me change my life" (only smart thing I was able to get out)
He smiled and replied "You have that exactly right. Really good to see you again" I think he was still talking and I walked away and I didn't even answer.

Good grief.
I didn't even tell him my name.
The minute I exited the room I was wishing I could take it back and have the conversation he was trying to have with me.
At least I knew to smile for the picture.

I am even laughing now sharing this story. I would have said and done something completely different if I had to do it over again. Ever wish you could take something back or have another shot at it?

That's the thing about hindsight. Am I right?

We all have things we wish we could change and do over.
This was one of those times for me.

But here's the thing... YOU GET TO CHOOSE how you react to your life events.

* Having regret doesn't change what is done. It just pulls you into a pool of self-doubt and negativity. *

* Beating up on yourself over mistakes or missed opportunities also doesn't serve you. It hurts you.*

* Learning to laugh at yourself and be okay with making mistakes will make life more fun. *

* It is better to see EVERY experience (even the one you bomb) as a chance to become better for it. *

You can bet the next time I meet Tony, or any of my other heroes, I will be ready to say... Hi I'm Corliss. I have admired your work for many years. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Wishing you a day filled with experience.
❤ Corliss