There can be purpose to the pain


This photo is still one of my favorites, even 8 years later. However, behind the smiles was an unsettled home, and a lot of fear and uncertainty.
Just a few months after this picture was taken, our hearts were shattered by the reality of divorce, and a “broken” home.

I wanted the lifelong love story so bad... it was the only dream I recall having since I was a little girl. I was crushed.

"A picture is worth a thousand words," and we never really know what is going on for people. We must be careful not to judge. There is often more than meets the eye.

We all have our hardships and no life is without difficulty...

Throughout the years following the separation, there were so many moments of fear. So much grief and sadness. And so many stages of the process to conquer.

I was scared.
I was grieving.
I often didn't know what to do.
I was unsure I could survive on my own, and I certainly didn’t know if I could do it with 3 children dependent on me.

• It is in our darkest of times we find the greatest gifts •

I found my strength.
I learned the end could be the beginning.
I learned to make decisions without emotion.
I chose the high road with my actions.
I learned to have a healthy relationship with myself.
I got a renewed sense of love with an outpouring of love from the community around me.
Which gave me strength.
I broke the cycle.
I now see it was an opportunity to recreate my life. By choice.
And I have faith that all things happen as they should.

• There was a purpose to the pain •

Our family has found a new way to be. It was best for us all and now I honestly believe everything happens for a reason.

Embrace your life.
Have faith in the future.
All will be well.

If you are struggling... hang in there and believe there is a purpose to the pain, even if you can’t see it now.

❤️ Corliss

best decision .jpg