A lesson in alignment


There’s this fine line between being driven to create what you want in your life, and being present in the moment to enjoy your life •

The struggle is real, and I know it well.

I’m a Leader...
I’m an overachiever...
I have huge expectations of myself...
I feel I have a responsibility to put my best forward; to set goals, and achieve them, so I inspire others to do the same.

These self-imposed, high standards extend into not only my work, but show up in wanting (and expecting) to be the best mom, friend and girlfriend but ALSO have a nice clean home, keep nice yard, go to church, walk my dog, exercise, volunteer, do yoga... like, seriously... there is so much to do and I EXPECT myself to do it all perfectly and flawlessly.

That’s good right??
Well it is...
until the pressure creates anxiety, worry and overwhelm.
There never seems to be enough hours and the stress builds and so does exhaustion. Or worse, health fails.

Then you may start to wonder if this is what life is supposed to be.. a big pile of pressure?

For me, it is in this time, when self doubt creeps in, fatigue follows and the fun fades away...
I wonder if I can possibly do all this? Negative self talk starts to play and escalates the whole problem until I’m in a state of mass confusion.

Do you resonate with this pattern?

And then the problem gets WORSE because I also want to be authentic and real so “faking it until I make it” doesn’t work for me... it actually makes me miserable beyond comparison because I’m old enough to know true happiness comes from within, and being true, real and genuine in who you are is a critical part of joy in life. AND this craziness multiplies when I start to wonder what everyone else is thinking...

Geez, I get tired just reading the pattern of this “do it all and be it all” chaos!

The big question is...
How does a person feel happy WHILE striving to achieve the best of everything?

• I believe the answer is in alignment •

It’s a new month and a new quarter. This is a perfect time to consider your goals, but while you do that, add 3 extra steps to your goal setting plans:

Ask yourself,
1. Why is this goal important to me? What emotional outcome do I want to experience when this goal is achieved?
2. How will I balance my well being with my hustle to get this done?
3. How can I achieve this without sacrificing my happiness? What do I need to do as part of my plan to be fulfilled WHILE I achieve these goals?

Aligning yourself with what’s important to you will help you keep focus and balance simultaneously... experiencing happiness while you achieve your goals is what I believe creates true success.

What’s the purpose to your goals?

No one sets goals saying “I’m going to do this so I can be unhappy and miserable because I stress myself out putting everything at risk while I achieve”

We set goals for an emotional outcome, but it is the journey towards those goals that creates fulfillment

To be aligned while you strive to live your best life, consider including the things that make you happy as part of your action plan. Here are some of my personal best practices:

Start the day with me time: I find reading something inspiring, journaling and coffee in the early morning hours puts me in the power position to control my own day as it begins with being centered.
Affirmations: reading and visualizing my goals brings me clarity, but also activates the law of attraction. The idea here is to focus on what you DO want, not what you don’t.
Connect to purpose: revisiting my chosen purpose centers me on something way bigger than the issues that I create in my own mind, or may even be real in the outside world. Make your purpose bigger than your problems.
I ask myself if this problem is really real? Often the issues we have are so small and insignificant in comparison to the hardships others face. A look at what others are facing jolts me back to how truly blessed I am.
An attitude of gratitude goes a long way.
Take time off to recharge. This one can be hard for me but when I recognize there are few things that can’t wait for a few hours until I recharge, it’s easier. I find when I give myself the PJ day, I’m more productive later anyway. Or... coffee with a friend... just to have coffee is okay. Some days it’s okay to take s break and just be.
Connect to a higher power. Pray, meditate or have your conversation with the universe as a daily practice. This one step will create a more centered you.
Surround yourself with inspiring people. I don’t think I need to say much more about that. But when you measure your happiness in this moment, check to see whose around you as who is there is likely contributing to it.


You are a LEADER.
That means you get to choose your life.

Choose intentionally to go after creating what you want but being fulfilled and happy while you do it!

Wishing you a wonderful October and a happy, successful and fulfilled finish to the last quarter of 2018!

With love and gratitude for taking the time to read,