What is purpose?

Have you ever felt excited about a goal? Like REALLY connected to it... in a way that will make you do things that you fear, or make you uncomfortable. If you have, then you know what its like to live with purpose!

noun: purpose; plural noun: purposes

the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

"the purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee"


Many people go through life on autopilot... going through the motions, feeling less than content. Are you one of those people? Getting up and living the same day... everyday... doing the same unfulfilling job, running errands to the same places, tackling the never ending to do list, and binging on Netflix? If you are, I hope you are ready for a change.

"Build a life you don't need a vacation from" Rob Hill Sr.

At any moment, things can change for any one of us. Wouldn't you rather live all your days feeling like you took control of your life? I call this living intentionally. It is when you CHOOSE how you live, instead of taking whatever life gives you. This is PURPOSE.

Begin with then end in mind... 

Before I plan an event, write a blog, do a live video or prepare a meeting agenda, I ask myself... what is my objective (or purpose)? When I define that, I plan the content and action steps based on what the purpose is. Knowing what I want the end result to be, helps me with the action required to meet that objective. I leave the experience feeling like a success! Mission accomplished! 

I have had the opportunity many times to Coach people to success. In business, and in life. Our conversations begin with "what do you want?" Often they list things like "extra money", "pay off debt" or "to meet people". These are all surface answers. I know this, as my next question is "does this goal excite you enough to do things that scare you, or make you uncomfortable?" Most times they tell the truth and reply "no". Then we dig deeper, and more often than not, the real goal comes out. I hear something very different...  "I want to feel successful, like I achieved something great", or "I would love to earn enough money to stay home and raise my children. They are growing so fast"!

Even if the goal truly is to earn more money, its not the burden of debt that lights them up, its the FEELING of what their days would feel like if they weren't stressed about money, or fighting with their spouse over the issue. 

You can visually see when they have a goal they truly connect with, one with bigger purpose. Generally there is some sort of excitement or emotion when they say it. I watch them imagine how achieving that goal would feel, and they can't help but become emotional. Often, there are tears. These emotions are good! You know you found something meaningful to walk towards when you feel like that. Don't ignore it. 

How do we begin to live more intentionally? 

1. Take responsibility for every area of your life. If you aren't feeling alive and excited about your job, relationships, home, health or otherwise... it is only you that can make a change. Not that you need to leave it (unless that is what you decide you need to do) but instead, it might just be changing the places you frequent, planning for a change of scenery, getting counselling, taking dance lessons, doing a hobby you have always wanted to...  Change begins with owning your life, and everything in it! Even the simple act of DECIDING what things need to change, puts you on the path of purpose. 

2. Ask that difficult question... what do I want? Then ask again... what do I really want? Write down your answers. Sometimes taking the confusion out of your head and onto paper can cause clarity and you may be surprised what comes out. Ask the question and let it flow. 

3. Be courageous! Once you know what you really want, act on it! Nothing changes if you don't change. If its to overwhelming...  just take the first step. There is something very empowering about taking action towards what we want. 

4. Believe in yourself. Yes, it sounds cliche... but its true. Believe you deserve the greatest life! Believe you have the power to cause change. Believe you are worth it. I do. I really do. YOU ARE MADE TO LIVE FULLY. YOU HAVE ALL IT TAKES. YOU DESERVE... 

Wishing you purpose.

Your friend,