Have you evolved?

Recently I had a conversation with a VP of a large North American Company. It was the kind of conversation that went deeper than the surface. The kind that makes you reflect on where you have been, where you are at, and ultimately where you are going. 

It got me thinking about how we evolve through our experiences, and how each life experience brings us to a new place in which we are ready for the next experience, or phase of life. Almost like a child going through school... we don't go from Grade 1 to Grade 12 overnight as we wouldn't be ready at age 5 for what we will be ready for at age 17. We learn throughout each year academically, socially, emotionally etc.

As adults its the same. We learn as we go and each experience prepares us for the next.  

I will use myself as an example and perhaps you can relate. My career in Direct Sales has prepared me to master skills such as goal setting, creating vision, being self disciplined and handling rejection. Its also taught me to listen, manage my time, resolve conflict, create team spirit and celebrate success. And even more, it has prepared me to be an event planner, a motivational speaker and a personal coach to others! 

On a personal side, divorce had many lessons as well. I learned how strong I am and what I deserve. I can be independent. I was given opportunities to choose "bitter or better" from the experience, and that I am capable of handling myself with class and dignity even in the most trying of times. It made me a better Mother with more clarity about what sort of role model I want to be for my children, and the freedom to make my own choices in my own life. 

The definition of EVOLVE:

"to come forth gradually into being" 

"to gradually change one's opinions or beliefs"

Think about your own career and significant life experiences and how they have prepared you to be ready for the next. I bet if you credit yourself on how far you have come, you will not be as afraid to listen to your intuition, then pursue the next experience with passion, belief in self, and enthusiasm! 

You've evolved! Give yourself that :)   

I invite you to comment on how you have grown and evolved.  Or how your beliefs have changed from your life experience. I'd really love to know you are reading this blog,  and encourage you to join this conversation. 

Wishing you a life With Purpose, Corliss