Are you surviving or thriving?

The more conversations I have with people, the more I am noticing a trend.

Middle aged people, like myself, have become robotic in their lives.

Yesterday a Mom shared her story with me. It says so much, I feel a need to share it with you.

The day in the life of a deserving, hard working Mom:

Everyday I get up, exhausted. I begin with coffee to wake me up, but, usually I end up microwaving it because its cold by the time I get to drink it. I get doing my "to do" list and forget to even enjoy it. Then I get the kids up and the chaos begins. I plan out everything we will need for school and afterschool. Sometimes prepare supper at 7am, as I won't have time later. Kids are gone but no peace for me because I clean up, throw in laundry (or fold the ones I forgot about in the dryer) before racing to work. Then I do my job. The same job I've done for a decade.  All day. I've been doing this for many years and while I'm doing it, I find my mind wanders and I wonder why on earth I'm still here, and I wonder if there is more to life? But I do it anyway. What else am I going to do?

I get the kids afterschool and I have it clocked that I have 10 minutes to be there from work. The problem is, if someone shows up late for their appointment, my heart races because now I will be late too. The kids are waiting for me when I arrive. We eat in the car and get to their activities. I sit and watch and am happy I get to do it. But then we are home late, do homework, and after I clean everything up and prepare for the next day, I hit the bed exhausted knowing I have to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

She got tears in her eyes telling me this.

She is not the only one. I can relate. I bet you can too. I call this survival mode.

Survival mode has kicked in for me when I wasn't even aware I was there. The times when there was so much to manage that I didn't even have time to think or realize I was just going through the motions. Many, like myself go into survival when they experience some sort of life trauma like loss of someone they love, a job termination, divorce etc.

A Single career person story:

The younger generation has this feeling of being lost and at the mercy of life's circumstances too. A 24 year old said to me a while back, that she went to university for 4 years to now be in the career that she hates. She dreads going to work everyday. But she does, because she has a "good paying" job and her parents spent so much money for her education. She feels trapped by the career choice for this reason, and now goes to work at something she doesn't like because of the money invested to get it. 

Again, survival mode.

Do we really want to live this way? Do we want to just survive, or do we want to thrive?

We can't control what life gives us sometimes. There are things that happen we can't always control. But if you are living in survival mode, there may be a choice that you DO control, that could change how you live your days. 

An example would be... if you don't spend your days doing a job you love, then perhaps its time to reconsider what you WOULD love? Then you could enroll in part time classes to get the dream job, or dust off the resume and apply for a change of careers? Who knows... a year from that decision for change,  you could be loving your life and spend your days working, earning and ENJOYING what you are doing?

Perhaps you could hire someone (and create a job which feels good) to clean your house so that when you are home you have time to drink that coffee before its cold, or read a book with your child (who is growing up fast)?

When we get more intentional in our days, and we get perspective on what our purpose is, we immediately live more in THRIVING than surviving. Purpose in life can be as simple as knowing what is important to you, then living each day with that purpose as your focus.

Does that make sense?

It is my mission to help more people... be happy. To be happy everyday because they are living how they want to. And although the choices to change things up might be scary, the rewards are far greater!

Lead Your Life with your choices! You can do it and I can help :)

Wishing you purpose, Corliss