Not every day will be a good day

I'm pretty sure it's unrealistic to think that every day we will feel happy. Today I could count a thousand things to be grateful for, and yet I'm not bursting with joy. Even after making a list. Nothing bad has happened. Life is good. So why do we feel this way sometimes?

There have been other days like this. For me, and for others.

I have decided that its just being human. It is just life. Not everyday will be a great day. So what do we do about it?

I think the first step is to recognize it, and with that recognition, we will feel better knowing its just the day. And it's NORMAL. There are so many things that can affect how we feel. Our bodies change, the weather, outside influences like world events, and even just not getting a good nights rest. I for one, am an ambitious person who desires living fully and excited everyday. There is no time to waste on feeling ... blah! This adds pressure to me to feel my best ALWAYS. But the reality is, its not realistic to feel 100% every single moment. Even the greatest role models have "off" days. So what to do once we recognize it?

I'm going to give myself a break! We can't be perfectly "on" every single day. And on any given day, we can feel less than inspired.

So at this moment, its a perfect time to do things that make me happy and reconnect with myself. Perhaps journaling, studying my vision, yoga, meditation, exercise, talking with a friend or reading a book of inspiration. These things all help with mindset and can support how quickly things will turn around and feel better! Change your thoughts and change your life is something I truly believe. But I also believe some days it may not happen as easily as others. 

Do you agree?

Wishing you well and much happiness MOST of your days :)