What does it really mean to "Lead Your Life"

One of my most respected Authors is Jack Canfield. His book "The Success Principles" is an everyday read for me.

The very first principle is Take 100% Responsibility for Your life. The chapter is filled with wisdom and I know I had to read it a few times to fully comprehend what was written.

So often we look to outside sources to find happiness. I know I have been guilty of this. Getting caught up in what's going on out there, and not recognizing that there is always a choice. When I place blame, or give power to whatever is going on I don't like, I make myself a victim to the situation. That means I give up all my power and "responsibility" that my life is my own. If I do not like what is going on, then I can choose to do something about it! Right?

Being responsible can mean making a new choice either to how we look at it, how long we stay part of the problem, or how we respond to the situation.

I have fully embraced this principle... and although I'm a work in progress, I am confidently taking steps towards seeing my life is my own.

I founded my own Company called With Purpose Consulting & Motivation as I feel I have a message to share that can support people in living more meaningful lives. I am excited to begin the very first 4 week class session I have named "Lead Your Life". The whole class design is about being responsible for our own happiness. We will walk through the process of designing and achieving the ultimate life! It's all very exciting and I am confident that all participants will give the class a big thumbs up! My vision is that I will get as much value from facilitating the sessions as each of them will.

But what does it mean to Lead Your Life? In my opinion, it's about DECIDING not accepting. Deciding how you live, how you spend your time, whose in your life, and what level of joy and happiness you'll feel every single day!
Leading our lives is the difference between being a victim of life's circumstances versus empowered to live how we want. I for one am choosing to LEAD instead of accept.

Are you?

The difference between an ordinary and extraordinary person are the choices they make. I think we should all commit to being responsible for our own lives, and all that happens within. That is how we will lead our lives.