How to have purpose in your everyday life

Purpose is a BIG word. 

Some people connect it with God, the Universe, or whatever Higher Power they believe in, and therefore unless you are Ghandi or Mother Teresa (or someone similar to their significance) its not likely you will fulfill some great impact in the World by living your "ordinary" or regular life.

I think otherwise.

I think we ALL have the power to live a meaningful life, filled with purpose, and that we can apply our unique gifts to everything we do, so that purpose lives in our everyday lives. 

Let's look at it like this; if you could be, do or GIVE anything to the world what would it be? What special gift do you have that people consistently say when describing you? Or, if you come up without an answer to that question... what would you like people to say about you when they describe you? 

Simply said, you could begin living with purpose everyday by applying those gifts to all you do. 

Here is an example to help explain this further: 

Perhaps you are someone who wants to be remembered for the love, laughter and the acceptance you give people. That is your "purpose".

In your life each day, you could fulfill that purpose by choosing to come from a place of love rather than hate. You may make a big effort to not take life to seriously, and therefore make people laugh when they could otherwise feel stressed or sad. Or, you might listen to understand in a situation, instead of judging. When you do that you are allowing others to feel accepted. 

These are ways you can live out your purpose of love, laughter and acceptance. You give life to your purpose when you act on it. No matter where you are, you choose to live by the guidance of your purpose. 

Finding purpose doesn't have to be that big or complicated. It can just simply be a way of being, and a guiding light in how you live. 

So what are your gifts? What do you want to be known for? 

Love, Joy, being Positive, Empowered, Strong, Giving, Spontaneous, Generous etc etc. 

You decide, and then in everything you, do apply that purpose to your lives. 

I know someone who works at a bank full time, she is a Mother of 3 and a step Mom to a fourth. She is so busy! Her to do list is long, and her life is consumed with responsibilities. Yet, when I see her at the hockey rink, she always has a couple extra kids as she is watching the Coaches children while he is on the ice, because their Mom is at work. She always has an ear for other Moms, is patient and selfless in her actions and offers to give rides to other players if their Parents have other commitments. And she does it all with a smile. 

I don't know if this amazing woman has defined her purpose, but if I was to make an observation based on what I see, I would say she is generous, loving and supportive and that "purpose" likely shows up at work, at home and in her relationships. 

Be intentional in your life... choose to define your special gifts, and go give that to the world. You CAN live with purpose in your "everyday" life. 

xo Corliss