Corliss's Purpose

When I was just twenty-three years old, I joined a direct sales Company thinking I would do it for a short period of time to earn some pretty new things and a bit of extra money. Little did I know that this one decision would impact my life in such a profound way. Up until that time I had never been exposed to the idea of dreaming big, or had the opportunity to get a post secondary education.

I am a small-town Saskatchewan girl and my only vision was to get married, have kids and get a job that allowed us to live comfortably. I didn’t think about my life having some big purpose because I didn’t think I was that particularly important.

Through this business venture, I learned something different.

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I gained confidence in myself as I learned new skills like public speaking, goal setting, handling rejection, time management, making cold calls and much more. In the beginning, I would shake speaking to only a few people, and eventually I was able to work up to talking in front of more than a thousand. One goal at a time, I gained belief in my abilities, and I started to believe I could achieve anything I put my mind too. But the real magic of the business happened when I began meeting women who wanted to join my team and I recognized I could help them do the same. As I trained, mentored, and encouraged them to achieve their goals, I recognized that this was much more than sales. This business was not only changing my life, it was helping others change theirs as well. Instead of just lighting homes, I was lighting lives, and I began to understand what purpose was.

With energy and enthusiasm, I grew my business developing strong relationships with my customers and helping other women start their own business, earning me the position of Regional Vice President. Although I was proud of this accomplishment, the real lessons came through losing that status only six months later. 

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Through this humiliating and humbling experience, I learned it is not in how we fall, but in how we rise that counts. It was during this time I realized that you do not need a title to lead. I had to learn that true success is not in recognition, but in the value you add to others. It is demonstrated in how you show up and who you choose to be.  

Through these lessons, I shifted my intention and applied what I learned to refocus my energy and earn the position back. Within two months of re-qualifying, I advanced to Senior Regional Vice President, the top position in our global Company, where I remained for many years leading thousands of independent entrepreneurs to realize their personal goals. This experience helped me shape my life moving forward.

As it happens, my business was succeeding again while my personal life was in turmoil. On the outside it looked like I was living the dream, but on the inside,  I was struggling to keep it all together. Most days I felt alone, overwhelmed, and afraid. My marriage came to an abrupt and permanent end after twenty years, and in a moment, I found myself forced to recreate my life.  This was a very dark and difficult period for me, I had worked very hard to succeed as a mom, wife, and professional, and no matter how hard I tried, it fell apart anyway.

As my personal life crumbled, my business followed suit. 

I would like to say it was easy to recover from the shame, humiliation, and defeat I felt after my entire world collapsed, but the truth is, it took me a few years to find my way. With the support of many mentors, coaches and other women, I was able to grow through the experience and make new decisions about who I was and how I wanted to show up in the world.


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Life can change in a moment and that is how it happened for me. I recognized that although my life had changed directions, I still had a lot of life to live, and I wanted to make it count. I realized that this stage of my life could be about rediscovering myself, and with more time, money, and experience, I was armed to do so.

These two life altering events helped me decide who I wanted to be in a new and awakened way.

As I reflected on what really matters to me, I became deeply connected to a new purpose of making a positive and significant difference in the lives of others by sharing my knowledge, training, and experience. With a renewed sense of hope and passion, I began my Company, Corliss Co. Consulting, and this has become the most amazing adventure yet! Through classes, conferences, and workshops I have witnessed women connecting in the most beautiful way, and by providing a platform for them to share, they inspire each other to live to their potential, and it is evolving every single day. 

Is it perfect? No. But it is pretty darn amazing! 

Earlier this year we launched my new podcast, Conversations With Corliss, and to my surprise, it has become one of my favorite platforms to deliver content that helps people grow and improve their lives. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because I have a passion for learning and interviewing other inspiring people makes it a natural fit.    

It is still hard for me to believe I am a best-selling author and that I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from world renowned leaders! But that is why I believe so strongly in what I am doing here at Corliss Co. 

It doesn’t matter if I am coaching, speaking, mentoring, writing or podcasting, I never forget WHY I am doing this work. 

We are here to help you make your life better.

It is not too late to become the person you want to be.

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I am very grateful for the journey that landed me here because it has prepared me to help you. It is my mission to help women never feel trapped by anything- ever again! It is my goal to help you lead all aspects of your life.

I want to empower you and help you grow into who you are yet to be… I really believe you can, and I know you deserve it.

Life is too short to settle.

It is time to lead a life you love, and if you are ready, I am here!