Corliss CO. stands for more than just Corliss Company

Corliss CO. stands for more than just Corliss Company

It is a COmmunity that has COaching, COnnection, COnferences, COmmunication and COnversations.

Purpose driven life
Purpose driven life

Our Company Story & Mission


After more than two decades of success in direct sales, Corliss became inspired to serve people outside of her sales organization. In her position as a Senior Regional VP she played a key role between the field and Corporation leading change and supporting more than three thousand independent entrepreneurs over her long-standing career. Over time she felt called to venture into a space where she could inspire, support and train others who were not directly working within her direct sales company.  

In March of 2017, she started holding vision board workshops to support local interest from women who wanted help with defining their goals and reclaiming their lives. She quickly discovered that there was a significant need for this type of support as the participants were inspired and excited to walk towards their personal vision, but simply didn’t know-how. 

Recognizing she had experience and skills that could support them, Corliss started her Company, With Purpose Consulting, as a commitment to serve these deserving individuals. It began with designing a 4-week Masterclass program called “Lead Your Life”. Through these classes she watched women transform their lives by connecting to purpose, defining their goals, and finding the confidence to pursue both. Witnessing their journey firsthand as a coach and facilitator, Corliss was motivated to expand her offers to a larger audience through full-day empowerment conferences. With an overwhelmingly positive response to her initial event, Corliss expanded outside her local city with hundreds attending events across Saskatchewan. It was clear people were searching for hope, inspiration, and positivity, and through these conferences, participants were able to connect with like-minded people to own their power and become the leaders in their own lives. 


Seeing the significant difference these events made for people inspired Corliss to further her support, and education, to bring the best to those she serves. This commitment led her to the Mastermind in California in Jack Canfield’s home, to Orlando, Florida for Unleash the Power Within, with Tony Robbins and then to Toronto to learn from Lewis Howes. With a commitment to “lead by example” Corliss travelled to several destinations across North America to be learn from Rachel Hollis, Oprah Winfrey and Carolin Soldo. These experiences inspired her to write and publish her first book titled Lead Your Life; How to Live With Purpose, Passion and Confidence which became an Amazon #1 best-seller and also to achieving her certification as a coach of The Success Principles.

Over the past few years since this mission began Corliss has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including RBC Canada's Women of Distinction, and she was recognized for her leadership at a provincial level as an ABEX finalist in 2018 for New Venture of the Year.

Most recently Corliss has demonstrated resilience, courage, and leadership in response to the world pandemic where she has continued to serve women in Canada through virtual conferences, classes, and digital courses. To support her community in remaining connected throughout isolation, Corliss launched her podcast, Conversations With Corliss, which has reported to have been in the top 100 of Canadian Apple podcasts in the self improvement category several times since it’s launch. With a commitment to continually evolve and serve, Corliss received her eSpeaker certification as a virtual presenter and has contracted a team of talented individuals to support the mission of Corliss Co. Consulting Inc. 

Together they share the mission of growing individuals and providing valuable content, coaching, support and training to help them tap into their personal power to lead their lives.  

The name of the Company has evolved from With Purpose Consulting to Corliss Co. Consulting Inc. but the reason we exist has not. With each person we impact, our commitment gets stronger, and our vision grows bigger.

I believe in leading by example. 


Personal growth is the key to living a full and abundant life. I will never stop learning!

Over the past two years I have travelled more than 35, 0000 miles all over North America to be trained and inspired by some of the greatest influencers of our time. I chose a less traditional way of getting my education and it was worth every hour and dollar I invested. You might wonder why I would do that? Well, simply put, I believe to bring the best to you, I must first learn it myself. As a coach, I made the commitment that I would never ask anyone to do something I wasn’t willing to do myself. There is always another level to discover and I embrace the opportunity to find it.