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Top three reasons to book Corliss...

#1. The perfect combination of humor, heart, & how-tos!

Corliss is a powerful speaker with a real gift for connecting with the audience. She will leave you feeling like you can do anything and with the tools to make it happen. 

#2. Her energy will give you energy!

Corliss has a passion for life that is contagious! Whether in-person or virtually, you will come away feeling empowered and re-energized. 

#3. Real & relatable!

Corliss has many years of lived experiences both personally and professionally. Through stories that connect to the heart, Corliss empowers women to see their value and empowers them to be the best they can be.

Keys To Confidence

60-minute keynote presentation with optional follow up interactive Q & A

Confidence is the key to personal and professional success- most everyone knows this, but how do you get there? The Keys To Confidence keynote helps the audience understand that confidence is a learned behaviour and by implementing small practices consistently, confidence is something anyone can attain. 


This keynote takes the audience through a process of personal growth and understanding helping them become aware of why they aren't confident and then arming them with tools and inspiration to get it back.  Using personal stories that connect to the heart, Corliss' journey through significant internal battles will inspire your audience that they too can confidently lead themselves and others.  
  • Understanding true confidence and why you may lack it. 
  • The power of personal responsibility. 
  • Making the mindset shift. 
  • The 7 keys to confidence. 
  • Connecting the vision of how confidence will positively impact your home, family, career, and community. 
  • Power practices that will change your life- and confidence. 
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Corliss Rassyle is a Canadian inspirational speaker, a certified Success Principles Coach, Dare to Lead trainer, podcast host of Conversations With Corliss, best-selling author of Lead Your Life; How to Live With Purpose, Passion and Confidence, and the Founder and CEO of Corliss Co. Consulting Inc. Through her Company, Corliss helps women break through the barriers that hold them back from leading all aspects of their lives. 

"Every person has the power to lead and influence others, and when you own that power, you can make a positive difference in your home, career, and community." - Corliss Rassyle

The Power Of You 

60-minute keynote presentation with optional follow up interactive Q & A

Every one of us has been challenged by life at some point. Whether it be the overwhelming demands of managing personal and professional responsibilities, world events, trauma and loss, financial crisis, or fear of the unknown, no one gets away without experiencing struggle. These events trigger a need to “survive”, and it takes a toll on a person's mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. 
In the Power of You keynote; you will learn how to take back your personal power to find more joy and fulfillment in life, even while navigating challenge and change. With the perfect blend of heart-warming stories and practical how-tos, you will learn how to own your power to positively impact your life and the lives of others. 
Stop surviving and start thriving! 
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This presentation is best suited to groups and organizations: 

  • Whose goal is to inspire and empower through personal development.
  • That believe investing in people is always a wise investment.
  • That want to develop leadership skills.
  • Who align with the philosophy that when you develop the person, it positively impacts their home, career, and community.

Corliss has an obvious passion and ability to light up every stage and connect to audiences. She captures attention and inspires through her book, her example, and her heart.

- Gina Fletcher, Bestselling author of Stumble to Rise 

Corliss presented at the RPNAS AGM last week doing an amazing job. She was able to deliver a very inspiring presentation motivating people to look at change from within. Corliss talked about how powerful one person can be, this was a great way to inspire a room full of mental health professionals to take a look at the work they do even when they do not see the results. Thanks, Corliss for a great morning! I would certainly recommend Corliss if your group needs some inspiration and reconnecting with purpose!

Jamie Louiseize, Registered Psych Nurses Association   

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Be The Best You

From time to time, everyone needs a little help to be their best.


The Best You events are an opportunity to bring Corliss to your community to hold a mini-motivation event that will inspire positivity, purpose, and overall positive mental, emotional, and physical health. The teachings are universal and will appeal to every person attending providing them with practical steps they can take to be their best. In a down-to-earth and relatable way, Corliss will inspire your community to lead their best life- and that it is possible for them.

Too often people become trapped when…

• Outside circumstances take control of their lives.
• They get stuck in negative patterns & develop bad habits.
• They lose sight of who they are and what their purpose is.
• They “fall” into a survival way of life and they don’t know where to begin to change it.
• They forget that they are worthy, deserving, and capable of living their best life.

That can all end now.

Within this event, Corliss will help your community recognize that all positive change begins within, and that they have more power than they realize. Through a shift in perspective, changing behaviors, and making new choices- you can change your life, and your family’s life- for the better!
There will always be things that happen you don't control, but when you focus on being your best- you will positively impact your own life and the lives of everyone around you. Be The Best You events are meant to help people find their way forward from challenges, where Corliss provides the inspiration, tips, and tools to lead their lives again!

Corliss Rassyle was raised in rural Saskatchewan and although she now resides in the city, she is a farm girl at heart. The strong values that guide her present-day were instilled in her growing up on the farm, and through humility and heart, she will inspire your community to be their best and bring their best to others.

On a mission to make a difference beginning at home in Saskatchewan!

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The mission of these events is to...

  • Help as many people as we can.
  • Bring hope, inspiration, and support to communities.    
  • Promote positive mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 
  • Help bring people together creating a sense of community and belonging.
  • Encourage them to see past obstacles and inspire them to be the best they can be. 
  • To inspire self-love and self-worth. 
  • To provide practical tools they can use to lead their best life. 

"Corliss provided an evening of enlightenment and inspiration for our audience. She brings such amazing energy to the stage that it's hard not to find it contagious. Her sharing of personal stories was a great testament to the fact that everyone experiences struggle in life but it's how you approach them and respond to them that makes the difference and can shape the person you are so the event does not define you. Our audience left comments using words such as “inspirational”, “uplifting” “powerful” “great energy” and simply “awesome”. Her speech will have a lasting impact on many of the over 300 participants that night! It set the stage for the ventures our community group will continue to carry out to effect change in our community members. We were so glad to have her a part of our journey and truly to change and inspire so many!"
- Nikki Tiffen

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"I believe with all my heart each person has the power to lead and influence others, and when you own that power, you can make a positive difference in your home, career, and community."  - Corliss Rassyle

Up close & personal with Corliss 



Having and raising three amazing children while building an eight-figure direct business, rising 

up after "failing" as an entrepreneur, reinventing my life after 40, and learning to love myself and

the journey of life. 


I LOVE helping people grow. I think life is this magical opportunity to discover who we were made to be and every day I set out to achieve that goal myself, and help others do the same. Everyone deserves to live and LEAD their best life. At Corliss Co. we help our clients tap into their power to make that happen. 


I would help people recognize that who they are matters, and that no matter where they come

from, where they are at, or where they have been, they have the power to change their own life, 

and create meaning and purpose by being a role model of courage & authenticity to others. 

I would also help them know they deserve a full and abundant life. 



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